Sunday, January 11, 2009

Moscow and Houston!

Helllooo! For almost 2 months I havent blogged a single entry to update.. i supposed its growing mushroom like how the shrooms are growing on me. I have so much to blog about and yet im so lazy! Thinking of uploading the pictures in blog makes me yawn simply because the loading is slow. Whatever it is, im going to instill patience in me and upload.


Snowing everywhere..

This is Ronny didi. Imagine, he is of the same age as my bf, 24. He looked so young and all of us called him didi. Ms Wong, your beloved boy.

The media and the tv is such a big liar! How can you easily build a round snowman??? And this is the outcome of our snowman..

Ice balls was being thrown at my head and its painful ok!

We landed on the 1st Jan 2009 therefore we are entitled to company's free new year dinner. This is what a called a sumptuous meal. A table filled with more than 10 appetizers, free flow of champagne, red and white wines, sparkling wine and not to mention, russian vodkas!

My happening set of crews. There were all fun loving bunch of people!

my ears are dropping in the damn cold weather!

This temperature is able to kill me! imagine you place a slice of pork or meat or whatever in the streets, its able to last for weeks without getting rot.

Thats the Russian Red Square. Beautiful onions i would say theeehee.

Russian dolls.

I feel so "squeezed" and i was forced to smile. =x

Shopping spree from the factory outlets!!! (It left me with debts *heaves*)

Walking through the malls to have macdonald deluxe breakfastttt

What i meant by deluxe big breakfast?? Only in states they have deluxe. Hotcakes with scramble eggs, hash brown, scone, meat patty and coffee. Since when you'll see hotcakes with scramble eggs and its always so torturous to decide to have hot cakes or scramble eggs in singapore's mac.

Went to NASA. Its a must-go once in a lifetime. That is what we often hear from pple saying, "you went houston? So did you visit NASA (SPACE CENTER)" Before we went we already knew that its boring according to the rest of the crews. Still, we went for the sake of been there and done that. It looks like science center.

Alien intruder!



Wondering why there's clonewars. hahaa NO LINK.

Rocket launcher. HOHO.

She's a crazy girl and i think she's a babe for her age.

Rocket cockpit.

Cheesecake Factory is famous for their cheesecakes! Different varieties and big portion and nice packaging.

Weeetttsss! They have godiva chocolate cheese, Tiramisu cheese, banana cream with real bananas, chocolate peanut butter, fresh strawberry, white chocolate raspberry truffle, caramel cheese, chocolate mousse, vanilla bean, kahlua cocoa coffee, adam's peanut butter fudge ripple. Alrights, enough of the cheesecakes because i know im making you people drool.

I started blogging bit by bit, saving drafts and drafts and even continued blogging when im here in zurich after visiting heidi in the mountains. Im wearing my colourful clown pj eating nissin kids cup noodles (chicken flavour), drinking mineral water and munching on famous amos cookie that hunney gave it to me. I know i dont need to blog such a detailed one but i felt like sharing!!! HURHUR. Its -3 degrees now and there's no ventilation in my room coz im afraid of cold.

Anw, talking bout zurich is not the point. I remembered ive yet to blog bout athens and that doesnt matter, i looked fucking ugly in athens.

Back to topic, finally hunney and me has something COUPLE! I know it sounds so secondary school ... couple rings, couple tees etc.. NONO... we dont.. though it seems like we are! We have couple bottega leather bracelet!! The bracelet doesnt represent our love lahhh, it just symbolizes that we are extravagant and did not spend our money wisely and this will remind us to save. (BULLSHIT, ITS ALL EXCUSES)
Hoho. OKays, this is not the topic as well..

My vainpot and me =)

All I have to say is, im feeling so lousy and emo-ing in my small cosy cramp hotel bedroom in zurich. I'm emo-ing bout the fact that i ate non stop over here because when its cold, you feel hungry easily. I'm emo-ing bout the fact that there's no mtv channel when it has more than 60 channels. I'm emo-ing that i have limited coldwear to take pictures and it looks repeated. Again, that's not important!!!

I'm feeling darn lousy and rotten. I was doing a reflection AGAIN. (ONE OF THOSE DAYS AND CANT BE HELPED.) Hunney had been meeting me consecutively for 6 days and time passed so fast before i could do anything nice or sweet for him in return. Know what, he did so many, so much, all things that he could to make me happy. He sacrificed, he showered his love not only to me even to my friends and family. He cleared my card debts and made me wealthy again(he will clear in advance in case credit limit exceed! and of course i will pay him back because its not his right to pay for me in this case.) He never bear grudges and he seldom throw temper at me though he's always nagging at me and tell me off when I do things that is immoral and will lead to KARMA. haha i love this word-KARMA. He fetch me through and fro to airport. He is not obliged to do so on a frequent basis even though he is my bf. Its my job and my responsibility to travel to airport and pack my cargo bag before going for a flight and now, im giving him more responsibilities with no salary paid to him. I thought in return, i can help him in whatever ways i can, be a nice and understanding bf and love him for all i can and not hurt him in any ways.

I DID NOT. I DID NOT fulfill this at all. I'm such a disappointment. Probably when he is down financially i might not be able to help him because of low savings. Probably when he is stressed at work, i dont know what to say to him to support him and think of ways to help him. His room is fucking messy and i never even help to tidy. I used to tidy for him however, there's no appropriate time to do so because im always feeling so lethargic. I lied to him time and time again, i hurt him time and time again, he still chose to believe in me and forgive me and love me as much as before or even more. I know i deserve a scolding or even, i dont deserve such a good bf. He's perfect. Thats all I can say. He might not be perfect to any of you but he's definitely perfect to me. I think its my mom's good deeds that god let me have such a nice bf and even this nice bf stayed by my side when i lied and hurt him so much.

After all these thinking, i decided to stop all these shit, i decided to stop hurting him and decided to play my part and treat him like how he treated me. I used to think that im a perfect gf and i proved myself wrong after seeing what my bf had done for me. Im sorry if i ever take you for granted, if i ever show you my chee bye black face, if i ever lied, etcc... and alot of ugly and nasty stuff. Of course i love my bf more than anything in this world. I'll promise that i be good always.. no more nonsense!

Im saying all these not because we quarreled or whatever.. its just self reflection and was touched by what he did for me. Hot babes, thank you for constantly praising my bf and loving my bf(because you all love me) and being there for me when i need you girls. You know who you are im lazy to list. SO MUSHY RIGHT!