Monday, February 22, 2010

Gong xi fa cai'10

weeeeheeee. sad. I spelt the SANTUARY WRONGLY. It should be SANCTUARY. I dont know why the paint programme in my laptop is so f. hard to use once i change a word, i have to redo everything. SHITHEAD. Its okay human errs do happen.

Ms Wong, im waiting for your MOET okays. Dont bring me sparkling juice or i'll rip you apart.

thanks adelene and ms wong for taking leave to come! Im sincerely honored.

its a small affair however what makes me excited and gaga is the 2 bed room villa with private pool. Thanks hunney for making it happen. Not a huge party but small group of friends and family members to relax in this villa so main priority is not my birthday. Birthday cake yet to order. No bbq no catering how sad.

its a chill out place for those who is attending.

nuff said.

mom looked older as years passed gotta bring her to have makeover shots soon. She's still as chio as ever.

my cousin bo. He inspired me to wear qi pao next year. Fengshui master of the day.

bury with bears. HORROR.

pose pose

my bro loves the devil

my bitchy wawa. Never sick of her.

prince charming (only in my eyes LOL)

hun's shot. thumbs up.

Jo went phuket~~!!!!!!!!! %$^&*$%^#$%#$$# while im in sydney having hungry jacks angus double beef! he got alive in phuket, must be badly deprived of driving in singapore.

The thought of it made me heaves a big sigh. He used to pick me up from airport as often as he can and buy me dinner when i touch down in singapore. He knows me too well.. always buying me the great food. We're good now too! i believed he is enjoying himself way too much in phuket. DONT LOOK AT THAI WOMEN! THEY ARE TRANNY. LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME !

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I believe its a good year :)))

i cant figure out how to print screen from my mac. I wanted to show all of you that im cooking valentine's cake, eggs benedict, waffles, steak, bacon and eggs, quiche etccc in my cafeworld.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

cant wait to come back

Congratulations to those leaving the airline. Last time jumping slides, the last time jumping out of the damn aircraft into a 3m deep pool with waves, grabbing and climbing up to the rafts with the help of the guys grabbing the asses to push us up.

They are set free from the wayang-ness, lonliness and the super damn fake people that you have to depend on for that period. What's worst is you cant even depend on them. YOU ARE ALL ALONE.

This is stupid. Sometimes i think i am too naive to make a conclusion of someone's persona in merely few days. They will leave you to die. DAMN.

You know, most likely people will tend to say fucking leave since you have so many unhappiness. Everywhere is the same except that mine is a lil too extreme and its a challenge to undergo such trauma. Till date i cant believed that im quite strong to endure (the most hide under the blanket and cry in the hotel room).

At the end of the day, im still loving this job till i find a good opportunity.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I'm in turkey-istanbul right now. In a suite room because we waited 2 hours for the rooms to be cleared and had a complimentary buffett breakfast leaving me feeling constipated now. Tapped the lan connection from crew lounge and ran up to my room to connect to the lan cable to retrieve the free internet connection. How cool, there's a chanel event going on in this hotel, I wished I could pass by as one of the guest to get the goodie bag. LOL.

its snowing badly.

i missed the pre cny preparations such as spring cleaning, accompanying my mom to buy the steamboat ingredients, cookies etcc etcc. Never contented yea?

Hunney thanks for helping me to play my cafeworld and please continue to do so till im back in singapore. God damn, i forgot to bring my collagen masks. I feel so shit and i better call my colleagues and ask any of them could spare me one. No doubt its cold, the weather is dry especially the heater in the room. My lips were so dry that i can feel its kind of swelling, my skin is tight not because i applied lifting ingredients but because its dry. As if its going to crack anytime.

#$r#@rr$%^&$ I'm feeling pissed by some old fugly man. I respected and suck up to you is because you are my boss unless you're sincerely nice. I dont wish to pollute my blog by scolding vulgarities here. Fugly old man is angry with me because I kept a distance from him after some sexual harrassment. Maybe its not sexual harrassment to him but it is to me. I felt so disgusted and gross. *digs throat and vomit* For guys reading this, please dont be a tiko pek when you are old. Appreciate your wife's body and have more sex with her and not fantasizing bout young girls.

my blood is boiling. bye.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Saturday i'll be leaving for dubai-istanbul and will only be back on 13feb that is lunar new year's eve morning. I shall pack my cargo bag nicely, filled with collagen masks to welcome me back for chinese new year! Tons of books and magazines to keep myself occupied in dubai and istanbul. I never liked such places. Pack my gym gear as well =)

Past few days was hectic. Squeezing brain juice to think what to buy for Jo. Its not a must to buy him a present because its only a v'day. I thought there was this thing that he will use it everyday and moreover, he didnt really bother to buy chinese new year clothes.

Dr Denim jeans and a belt.

Its not a must also to buy him branded stuff. Some might think why always must buy branded for him etc... seriously, this belt is not pricey and is really worth the money for a belt and think of the depreciation value at the rate he will be wearing.

i liked this effect. Didnt know it can be so easy to edit.

His xmas present finally arrived after a long wait. Its good to know people all over then you'll have good deals LOL.

Thanks hun for EVERYTHING. I know its not easy being a guy and especially hearing me whine and get annoyed by little stuff.

Amsterdam is snowing ~~~~~

in such a weather, coffee heals me completely

i loved castell's ambience.

And they served the best steak ever.

time to sleep and i cant wait to buy back kfc's newly launched egg tarts. Its not new btw, its always around in china and some other countries but not singapore. Airport has got no kfc!!! $##@@#@#!@ thinking of ways to buy home. good night.

oh ohhh it was so fun having coffee session with min. I cant help laughing when she mentioned sot sot pants. omggggg. real funny.

ok im going to sleep now