Thursday, May 28, 2009

Champ Elysees

Im so stuck in Paris! I wana go back home BADLY. TO SEE MY HUNNEY, TO SEE MY MAMA AND MY GIOGIO.

HOly shit.

I cant wait to give hunney his classic gucci belt, i cant wait to wear my new chanel necklace.

Champ Elysees
The Avenue des Champs-Élysées is the most prestigious avenue in Paris, France-it is also one of the most beautiful. With its cinemas, cafés, luxury specialty shops and stunning trees, the Avenue des Champs-Élysées is one of the most famous streets in the world, and with rents as high as $1.50 million per 1,000 square feet (92.9 square meters) of space, it remains the most expensive strip of real estate in Europe.

ok, im so near to champ elysees and i should be so glad to live in paris another 2 days or so.. but it just sucks to be alone here and i cant be seen walking around when im supposed to be mc in my room 1017.

With more allowance, im thinking if i should get something else. LOL. another chanel perhaps?? haha i think hunney will kill me for doing so. I will buy chanel bag with hunney!!! so im praying for milan then i will be able to buy my prada bag. I saw gorgeous tods sandals. =x

Anyway thats not the whole point.. i wana go home

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No more Woes!

Desserts.. i will never let go of desserts! im weak at resisting the temptations for desserts. hoho.

I loveeeee breadrolls with butter! XD

Met up with honghong jiejie, supposed to have caesar salad and ended up having lunch at white dog cafe. I liked the fish with japanese soy sauce.

hong jiejie doesnt want to send me her pics... =(

okay babes, i shall give you 2 weeks allowance. HURHUR.

Isnt this amazing??? watermelon agar agar. *slurps*

Hunney drivinggggggg and im beside annoying him

evening is always a good time for us to show off the glasses (when the sun goes back home =x)

We went shokudo food bazaar at rafflescity AGAIN. Somehow, we love the food there =) pizzas, ramen etc.. though cannot be compared to the ones in jap.

Spicy ramen with softshell crab.

Rosti with bacon. Hunney's fave ..what to do? haha kidding.

hunney 's sooooo damn cute and charming uh?

we belong to the bui bui club

finally i settled for my craving. iced red bean with mochi mochi. So QQ~


Needless to say, im here in Maldives!

Shall continue in the next post. haha.
I shall be hardworking to apply mask on my face everynow and then. I want to have tofu-like skin. Am thinking if i should change my blogskin or else people will say i copy somebody else. Ask me and i'll be willing to tell you lol. Not a big deal though. I dont like to be called a copycat and thats it.

Feeling rather temperamental lately.. prolly because my dog had been pmsing for the past week. She whines at every single thing, bark at any other weird noises and dont run to us anymore. WHATS WRONGGG

look at her bitchy face

SHe's so grumpy.... can someone tell me whats wrong with this bitch??!?!?!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On Leave




Arghh. Im on leave for 5 days and it simply means no money for 5 days. My new roster is out and it sucks terribly. It shows that I havent been praying for good roster but ive been praying for nice people on flight. Feeling depressed with regards to my lousy roster because a good roster means more money. Anyway, look on the brighter side Ms Hong! Yes, though lousy stations, that gives me more opportunity not to spend and gym.

My house is filled with magazines.. bazaar, style, female, her world, cleo, vogue etc etc as long as its fashion magazine, i'd buy. I get so happy when i stepped into kino knowing that new issues are out and cant wait to buy them all and camp somewhere in a quiet corner to enjoy all the designer bags and fashion.

Thanks to all these, im madly in love with
Balmain Jeans for this season


It bloody cost $2000 +++++ I doubt i will ever be so spendthrift to spend this amount in a pair of designer jeans. Its ok, i'll find the inspired one sooner or later haha.

Bags by alexander wang. Apparently, this brand is so famous which i dont know why when the signature bag of his looks something like shower pipe.. (the strap of the bag) not in this pic lah.

And lately i've been so crazy to enter the jewellery shops and ask for solitaire ring.

This is a typical four claws solitaire diamond ring. Personally I think 3 claws one would be nicer. haha. Anyway, checked out the price and hmmmm... reasonable. I was telling hunney that 0.7 carat is BIG enough. haha. Huihong, if there is a chance, i'll tell tc that 0.5 carat is enough for you. LOL. I hope that hunney wont have nightmares night after night ever since I told him bout the solitaire ring. He gona run off trying to pull his pants up. HAHA. No wonder sg guys switched to marrying foreign brides.. sg women are damn scary. Even before marriage mentioned SOLITAIRE RING. Hunney dont run okay, i shall stick with u with a wire ring with stone on top made by you. HAHA.

The next craziest thing im gona do is enter sincere shop and have a good look at geneve watches. I swear i will buy one chanel watch for myself and either a bvlgari or swiss crono or patek or any geneve watch for my future husband. ok wait till i save till there first then say.

my favv !!

HH and jol, wait till i fa da i get you smth good and u girls graduates better get me something good when ure a vp of whatever. I wana be a VP of my future house. HAHA.

The feeling is good, to stay home and play my ds and read my book and blog n listen to jazz!!! im gona buy another disc from high society. Hehhh.

Thanks hunney for always entertaining my solitaire ring and watches and bags.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Bbbbaaaaccckkk Bbbbbaaccckk!

Ms Hong is back from Nagoya and as usual, I cant resist their beautiful snacks, cosmetics, magazines etcc!
Oh yes, most importantly, hairspray!
Im missing the food served there. Its authentic Japanese Meals i swear. Even sushi teh cant outbeat the ones in Japan.
I can spend about $50 singapore in their convenience store with just a small bag!! boohoo.

You will never be able to find such sandwich in singapore or even europe places i guessed because i dont see them around only in Japan! This is easily available in any lawson convenience store. The bread is so soft and the fillings are fresh. I loved their egg mayo and peanut butter and its definitely not the normal peanut butter we ate.

Bought a few of CALBEE sticks back home to munch. Even though i claimed that im on diet. BULLSHIT!


Its like our typical singapore mua chee. I prefer the sg one. =X

My first meal and last meal in Nagoya.
The kosong mochi with red bean soup served chilled is shiok!

Met up with hunney and had carls junior.
I didnt know their onion rings are so huge and superb. OKAY, IM SUAKU. Because im never a big fan of big portion meals.

Hunney finally gave up his cute mazda 2 and went ahead with subaru wrx sti. Hmmmm well... honghong i tell you its 10 times worst than his mazda.. im sure you will puke. When i sat on it, i can feel my boobs and my fat thighs goes BO-ING BO-ING. They will dance and shake up and down. So, imagine the bumpy-ness. Its exciting in a way when the car picks up and accelerate.

This is exactly how his car looks like.

Interior. I dont know if the blue area looks nice.. i thought whole black would be nicer. Anw ni, just sell of the black one.

Recently i had been so grumpy that every minor thing i will grumble probably its the weather .. blame it for being too humid and my work! Im so lost in my business class.. tamade. Its okay, im gona master the skills! and be a cabin goddess haha.

Sorry nini for being cranky towards you.. because im cranky at times.. i tuned myself back to the right channel already haha. Thank you so much for being so understanding! Muacks! Lets tiong together haha. Im no ah lian!

Love hunneyyyyy JO.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Business Class Training


Currently I am having the urge to have the japanese cotton sponge cake or cheesecake. BOOHOOO. Their sponge cake is extremely soft and dense and cottony.

I am feeling so restless and lethargic after 4 days of business class training. It was more tiring than working onboard though we just have to sit in the biz class seats and pretend that we're passengers and then being served real food by fellow colleagues etc and took turns to do so. Even till now, im still quite lost of what im expected to do onboard. Anyway, see how it goes. The most being ZAPPED only what. whats the big deal and then i will just have to pretend that im working with a siao fellow.


Hunney is in genting for holiday with his friends. More of a gambling holiday??

I was so worried bout him with his friends driving up there because the roads there are dangerous.. and you'll never know will there be any PLANNED accident by them etc.. fines and everything.

Well, i hope he'll win more and buy me a present. *wink*

i dont mind tau sa piah too and some pirated dvds haha.

I missed his morning messages, i missed his dingdong-ness. I sounded as if he's away for many days. =X

He's too cute to be missed!


I hope he really enjoy himself and of course im enjoying my time in singapore~ with my batch people, with my tired-ness, with yali etccc and i had been eating ALOT. Time to stop binge-ing Ms Hong!