Sunday, September 19, 2010

Year End-Time to declare bankruptcy

Wedding bells ringing!!!!!!!!!~~~~~ Ding Dong Dong Dongggggg.

Time for bankruptcy!!!!!

its year end and many weddings to attend!!!!!! ANG POWS ANG POWS. I have wedding dinner to attend till Jan 2012. God.

Swissotel Merchant Court - James & Florence the newly weds. Bvlgari wedding bands, cool.




haha only non driver are allowed to drink.

DURIAN PUREEEE! Merchant court is famous for their durian pureeee. OMG DELICIOUS. I regretted not having the 2nd, 3rd bowl and filled to the brim!!!

My handsome handsome.


i dont know why whenever i eat durian i'll burp and it smells like fart.

WOAH. Sexy jo wearing my pearl necklace. WEEHEEE. So sad, i always treat him like my doll when i was young.

"My mom thought i was retarded when I was born because the doc told her that if my head is very big, its most likely to be retarded"



Jo sponsered $1 and his s-i-l sponsered another dollar to me ~~~yayyyyy im a happy pea.

Accompany him to entertainment is rather tiring. I seriously cant bowl for nuts NOW. I remembered i used to be quite good at bowling. HURHUR. Maybe im shy =))))) huhu.

I'm feeling very gan jiong already. I thought i was kiasu to book my wedding banquet one year plus ahead and who knows amara sanctuary resort for 2012 has all been fully booked. WTFFFF#%^%&#%@ I am very upset! Pffft.

Im so afraid that i cant get any hotels can and then i'll have to resort to wedding lunch which im not really keen because i want my friends to drink with me at night and party with me!!!!! SIGH.
Dont tell me i have to take wedding pictures 1 year in advance too okie! What if all the dresses been rented out and left the ugly ones for me?!?!?! I'll faint.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Missing Aussie

SWEET TREATSSSSS! If only jo understands how much i love desserts. He will nag if i consume too much of it. If only he'll bring me to a high tea buffet to whack all the cakes and pastries. Oh well, its a norm that guys dont really like sweet stuff. I bought a durian that costs $28 and some bargaining, $25 for probably less than 10 hood(hokkien,10 pieces)It better be good! Im watching some taiwanese flick on calbetv- PS MAN. I always loved the scene where the guy will walk out with suit *drum roll background* How sweet and romantic the guy can get etcccccc and then i'll start dreaming my guy will do that to me. Too bad jo only watches TVB HK DRAMA. All the backstabbing, stabbed you for multiple times, be it front or back. I better take back my words. LOLLL . Ok, jo's sweet but but but the drama guy will sit right infront of you and say all those mushy words and fight for love. Willing to sacrifice everything for LOVE. OF COURSE LAH THE GUY IN THE SHOW IS FUCKING RICH. In reality, all of us fight for money, we work for money. Without money, there's no love. How sadistic the real world is.

my man with suit and i must find a plain jane pic of myself to place it beside. That is what a drama is always about.Knowing that im upset with some vendor(apparently some vendor that is renowned, i used it too during my poly days), hun purposely went to buy ......tadaaaaa

refrigerator pen holder !!!!! so cool! There was this day we walked past and the shop was closed. We saw this in the window display, little did i know hun actually remembered and bought it hurhur. EXCITED EXCITED! I brought it to work today and again, REVAMP REVAMP. Been feeling lazy to go out on weekend and especially I HATE CROWD. I dont like to squeeze in between people, q-ing up for fitting rooms, toilet, restaurants. Thats why we usually settle for something simple. Seems like I never get the chance to try NANDOS in singapore. The Q is f. long. Ohhhh I miss aussie's nandos (peri peri fries).

in aussie, they have chilli powder scattered all over the fries and usually i will go for extra spicy. Peri peri means spicy???? if i remembered correctly.

hun, please go and download more effects!

TOFU. Im going to look for the smaller strawberry tofu. I have one tofu on my office desk weeheee. My table has bars of chocolate, breadou memo pad, macaron, fridge, pringles etc.... Mixture of real snacks and fake ones. CHILDISH, i know. XDD

3 for $2.50, custard bun. Not as fantastic as the ones we had in hongkong and mandarin gallery. Somehow im able to taste salted egg within the custard..isit supposed to taste like that??? Looks cute though. ok, back to australia. Be it perth, sydney, brisbane,melb (definitely not adelaide), im missing their walking streets!!!! with supre, witchery,sportsgirl,valley,general pants, hungry jacks, kfc, nandos, foodcourt and bb tea. OOOOOOHHHHH. I loved drinking beer in an open spaced bar under the chilled weather. I missed their SOY LATTE. OMFG OMFG. It would be so silly to have my wedding photos taken in perth when there's no memories of me n jo in perth. SIGHHHHH SIGHHHHH. Hun, dont give up at work! Please please be careful at site okays!!!! Your head is so big, is your helmet the right size for you? Im kind of worried.LOL. Pardon my whining okie! I'll call yali to whine instead. ahahahah.

Ms Ade Ong, some hot korean dude for you.

Talking larry apps from iphone and hunney actually sang and it turned out ...