Monday, February 27, 2012

HELLO 2012

I am so addicted to Flor's strawberry shortcake! i'm never really a fan of strawberry cakes til I've tasted this. =))

Anyway, hello blog, how have you been???? Its been months that I last updated.

Hmmmm... let me recall what I have been doing for the past few months... finally drag my ass off to take up degree so that I'm more valuable which I dont believe in????? Well, thats Singapore.

Was busy meeting sales target at work, encountered many demanding, unreasonable morons, idiots, whatsoever. That's fine with me and eventually now, gained some experience and time for me to move on. All I get was false hope and morale is going lower day by day.

Singapore's A&F model. I didnt remember states having such models as their marketing tools.

Finally J. had a new haircut and I'm loving it!!!! At least to me, he's even more charming now.. you know like those hongkong tvb actors??? haha.

How nice of my colleagues. I think my work desk needs a revamp. Time to say bye to smurfeeees!

First time receiving flowers in office. This secret admirer message created a big hoo-ha in office!!!!!(office people tend to be very kpo) haha.

Pretty cupcake =)))

More to come !!!

Good night world