Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Paris Part 2

Hunney must be loving this picture to bits =) too bad i dont know how to make it.

Paris part 2.

On the second day, went out with the crews. They brought me to this huge LV Boutique which is 3 storeys high. Loved to bits.

Hun hun needed my help to help him buy a LV ciggy case. Not only for ciggys, its a multi-purpose holder. Crazy boy!!!

So, we walked from the town area to Eiffel Tower again!

I liked their style of cafe! Every where in paris , you'll see cafes, drinking shots of coffee, beer etc

Birdie birdieee

Yes Mr Eiffel, Im here to see you again heh.

Paris's police man. I wonder why they preferred to ride on a horse than driving a car.

The front view.

Leon's mussels. Must try! mine is with bacon and mushroom. Slurps! And its freaking filling.

Free flow of fries and bread =)

Cheese baked mussels

The wonderful spread

Enough of Paris!!!

Finally get a chance to go clubbing after so long =) Thank you nini for your consistent support! huggs!

The batchmates used to say we were twins or we were long lost friends. HAHA.
We have never ending of things to say, never ending of gossips LOL

We thought he dont know how to dance to retro music and to our surprise, he knows every single movess! no wonder he dared to go up to the platform.

Hunney brought me to dempsey again for ben and jerry's ice cream weeettz

I looked so shag!!!!! Im deprived of sleep!! still, i need to go out with my vitamin hun!

Jojo's beloved belgian waffles. Crispy on the surface, after a btie, you will feel the softness. YUMMMM YUMMM


cam whoring while my hun is busy concentrating in driving.

Hun hun brought me to marche to dine again theee heee

Child's hairband.

I repeat, i love my hun joseph!

Nini brought me to Keppel Island =)

We were only allowed to take a picture and do it fast!
The place where atas people stay.

2nd off day, hun nini took leave to accompany me! hehe.. he's so sweet! How can i not love him and pamper him to bits?!?! tell me!

We ate sakae sushi, treated by my cousin. Accompanied my cousin and her future husband to select new hdb flat~~~when will my time come? If the time comes, it means im a old hag! But i do want it to come soon.

We can take pictures anywhere, everywhere!!!

Im down with a mild fever and horrible sore throat. Pop a number of pills every few hours in order not to have any mcs. I cant afford to have mcs! One mc means lesser income. HOHO. How sad. I cant wait for leave to come soon and clear my damn probation. Knowing that im ill, hun deliberately deliver his medication to me. And of course with his vitamin LOVE and the medication, im sure i will recover real soon! Im touched to the maximum!!! nini i love u i love u i love u! i know thats real mushy but cant helped it ! Im glad that we are still so loving after almost 2 years together. I realised, most of the time he puts me as the priority ever since i started flying. I agree with what jol says, who knows after flying lesser quarrels and in fact more loving. Which is damn bloody true!!! Didnt expect this bitch to be so positive and good at coaching me.

I will not be siao ding dong ok nini.

Recently me n hun had been visiting kster secretly hahaha.

Roster is out and i will send my roster to u fellows soon!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


HoLa! If im a chef, I'll definitely be the overweight chef-tress. Haha No such word though.

Im blogging in Paris!!! First time i blogged overseas. I abandoned my old wide screen laptop (previously known for the convenience of excel) and now I have a new laptop from my hun! (currently known for travelling purpose and for people like me who only uses it for net purposes) Im touched, really. He travelled to different places and parts in singapore to find because its out of stock everywhere due to the inavailability of his car, so in short, he took public transport. How amazing. Thanks JOJO! I love you tons. Not that he always buy me things then i love him. His company is never enough for me.

How nice!
Well, isabel is in paris. So, whats the big deal? The crews hibernate themselves in the room and 2 of them wanted to go out abit later due to the lack of sleep. ITS PARIS YOU KNOW, HOW CAN YOU MISSED IT THOUGH YOUVE BEEN THERE FOR SO MANY TIMES! While the rest just want to stop themselves from the brandeds. The 2 leading steward and stewardess and another probational crew together with me agreed to meet at 2pm local time. (paris time). Happy isabel went up to the room and throw her stuff everywhere and settled down. I was so elated to see the bathtub because i think its time to soak have a hot bath and relax. To my horror, when i stepped into the tub, i slipped and fell! Helllloooo!! It actually happened to me can!!! To think i used to laugh and thought that how can a fellow be so retard to fall and injured herself in the bath tub. IT WAS FUCKING SLIPPERY I TELL YOU. I hurt my butt and feet. NO JOKE. No soaking in bath tub after that. I was fuming mad when i cant find my instant noodle the moment after i unwrapped the plastic of the instant noodle. I boiled my water already and i searched high and low for my pathetic nissin cup noodles. Somehow i dont know why, i found it deep within my luggage, covered by my clothes which is abit impossible. Why would i put the cup noodle in my luggage since i've boiled my water and unwrapped it already?! WTH. While eating, i was anticipating my new gadget can be connected to the FREE WIRELESS OVER HERE. After umpteen times of calling the recep, they told me i actually have to pay before i use and then during check out, they would waive it off. So tadaaa, im connected. Time's up and i went down to meet them. Know what, the probational crew went off with the batchmate who is another set of crew. And left me, the leading stewardess and leading steward. I felt ultimate awkward. -_-'' We went to the mall and stayed there for an hour plus only.

The mall is fucking significant and im there for only an hour plus and ive only visited the LV boutique. DAMN SHIT. Coz they were only interested in LV and after purchasing, they decided to go back to hotel. They asked if i want to see anything. I wanted to tell them, YES I HAVE MANY MANY THINGS TO SEE. How can i ask them to leave without me when i cannot remember where is the train station. Its not like our MRT. They have trains, subway and etc.. which is rather confusing. I went back with them... =(

Seriously, would you want to leave this place?
The LV Q was damn long.. its like free of charge. And after that i had to queue up again to process my tax refund applications. So sick of waiting and no sense of satisfaction la coz its not my own stuff =x How can a shopaholic not buy anything in Paris?! And my train ticket not cheap too .... BO HUA MAN.

Happy Isabel went Eiffel Tower alone for christ sake. Its a must to go there!

Gorgeous uhhh!!


The horrifying queues.

When I was there, i told myself not to explore the tower in details because i would want to have Paris as my honey moon place heh. And it would be really romantic to come with your loved ones. I see couples having picnic over there, smooching and kissing. And there was this french guy tried to pick me up when i was there buying post cards and magnets.

French: You looked gorgeous.
Me: Thank You and i smiled.
French: You're here alone?
Me: Nope, with my bf.
French: I dont see him around. Do you have a contact number here in Paris?
Me: No contact =)
French: When can I see you again and where are you from? Korea?
Me: Maybe after I have my first kid and bring my kid here. Yea from korea.
French: You dont wanna see me?
Me: ichiban. Bye.

And i walked off. Then i realised, what the fuck, ichiban is a japanese language. HAHAHA. Initially i was afraid as im alone but as long as i just act someone i know is around me and looked fierce. It should be fine. Its quite a safe place according to the crews. No worries my hun!
His outlook is those typical hunks in shops poster. Im not into them haha. Im into my fei fei.

Asked an old woman to take for me. heh

Self taken picture in the park somewhere near the tower.


He's real!

Performance in train! I gave 1 euro =)

Restaurant next to my hotel.

Yay, safely back in hotel

Eating tiramisu while using my new laptop. SHIOOKKKKKK I just feel so good.

Update more if i have more to come.

Maybe its a good thing that i didnt explore much of paris because i'd save those places for my honeymoon heh.