Monday, August 4, 2008

Standby day

Today im on STANDBY. To my surprise, they didnt call me up and surely for tomorrow's standby they wont let me off. Its a good thing that I'm at home, having time for myself, doing my own nails ( i saved $10 for express manicure!) I had enough rest, slept my ass through for as late as 2pm.

After I had my cereal with milo, I laid back on my sofa and thought for 30 minutes. How would my life be if im still an auditor? How shiok it is to everyday enter the prestigious high rise building, having tea breaks in the pantry with free flow of drinks. Having your own name cards, holding a professional job. On the other hand, as a cabin crew, what do I gain from it? Easy life, worries-free life, well paid easy job. Well, come to think of it, its not as easy as it seemed to be. How rush we were in the cabin, attending to horrible passengers and the worst thing in this job is to work with bad crews. There are times that I thank god for giving me angelic crews and there are times, MOST OF THE TIME, i cursed and swear at the uncivilized crews who just like to pick at every single thing you do. Sometimes you will feel like an idiot when they reprimand you and start thinking, why the fuck am i doing here, its like lowering my knowledge I've acquired since the day i was born.

I do love my job i loved it most when i meet very nice crews. Time being, its a love and hate job. HAAHA. Its the best job I supposed however, how much humble pie and shit i had to eat no one knows. Its good to learn the hard way. I've learn to not to take things for granted especially the people you are working with. Im contented with my life and appreciate every single thing that im given.

Why am i affected by certain things around me? was it because im afraid of losing out?


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