Tuesday, July 29, 2008



Ciaoz means Hello or Hi in Italian. I used to think its GOODBYE. haha. It works either way too.

Isabel is back from ROMA a.k.a ROME. Over there in Italy, its Roma and here we called it Rome. SAMA SAMA!

Rome was a hell heavenly for good. If only I have $10,000 to spare, I would definitely stay there for a few days more to finish up my shopping spree. Branded goods are highly addictive my dears! *wink*

My first Rome's breakfast in bed. =))))
There are about 6-8 breadrolls and imagine if i were to finish them all haha and you'll see me looking like a roll.

Its a very ancient church.

The holy church

Imma Pope! theeheee.. oops, i dont know if its an insult to their religion, if any, my apologies. =x

To confess my sins.


Hun! This is for you man, the old vintage mini coop. Im lovin' it. =)


The man on the carriage warned us not to go near the horse and thats why im a distance away``


So damn romantic. Italians dont fancy me. I want to have a wedding like that!!! And the bride's gown is really gorgeous.

My $3.50 EUROS of Coke!!!!! $#%^%^$&#

Im reaching the COLOSSEUM!!!!!!!!

I was asked by them to put both our hands on his shoulders.. else it looked weird with 3 people standing straight..but i think this looked weird-er. I know my hun doesnt mind, but i mind! Thats why you see i was a distance away from him.

I chased after this puppy's owner to have a picture taken with his puppy jack russell. Its so adorable..reminds me of my giogio~~~~~

Everywhere in Rome, you'll see GELATO icecream!!!!!!!! Heavenlyyyy..

Hello hun, our heads were not together! Its the deception of how the image was taken ok!

How pathetic their petrol kiosk is.


Eat my tofu and still ask me to pay 3 Euros !!

End of ROMA!

Hun brought me to chalet..new SAF chalet woootzz its just like a newly renovated modern bungalow with nice sofas, lcd wide screen etc..

we brought our giogio there.. and people loves her tons despite her bitchiness

SHe's a smart bitch.

I love my hun!!!!!!!

I have a fetish. My fetish is to smell his cheeks and sayang his face. LOL

Bought a Burberry bag for my love. Its so JOSEPH ANG.

I got a treat from him to Modesto @ Vivo City.

Garlic Bread for starter.

Ready to eat!

Regular spicy pizza

And our most beloved CARBONARA. Superb!

My highest damage for the month would be the burberry bag for hun and oh yes, i had my very first LV bag from Rome. Its definitely cheaper compared to Singapore. Sales was everywhere.. my god. I was so tempted to buy the miu miu bags on sale ..siGh.. next summer sales then!

Im so in love with the prada wallet. There are a few which i couldnt decide on.. sounds like im going to buy now. HAHA. No man! Im so broke. Maybe.... next few months. I just need a new wallet and im done! Of course, there will be neverending of clothes for me. I loved chiffon tops. Simply comfy and classic. Muackz.

Sorry my dear friends, unable to meet you girls lately because on my off days i need to go to the temple for my grandma's prayers. And next week would be the last week and im done. More time for my friends!!!! Cant wait to meet and bitch and gossips.

Breakfast with hun at ecp macdonald. I would want that every other sunday. Theeheee

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