Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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Hoho is this a mooncake or a spongecake?

This bear, my current obsession is named RULIKKAWA. A Japanese name. After hun saw that bear with the pancake, he bought it secretly when we happened to pass by and locked the bear up in the car with the seat belt on and told me he needed to use the toilet. HOHO. Its so funny to see the bear in there with the seatbelt. *Rolling*

I bet sooner or later my neighbours will start to complain bout my bitch. She was yelling and barking in the middle of the night while I was blogging! I felt like dashing out of the room to give her a tight slap on her. She's really terrible man! As sticky as a super glue! She's afraid of lonely and needs people to accompany her. Such a pampered bitch. She drinks milk ok! HL milk with her food and its like our cereal! $#%#$%@. Its only tonight she barked. Wonder what was wrong. Dont tell me... my ah ma came back?!?! ALright, im lame.

Hellooo Mr Ang, I still cannot figure out how to transfer our pictures to the memory card!! So I cant post our pictures. How sad. =(

Some Auckland's pictures. Well, my trenchcoat from hun was real expensive so im wearing it repeatedly!!!!!! Its not that I dont change my clothes. HOHO. Anw, i've bought about 100 plus supre clothings and coldwear. I cant wait to wear my new coldwear! Hun, no worries, I will still wear the trenchcoat teehheee =)

Nah hun, this is what you wanted to see! He was grumbling to me that he doesnt know bout such "PRIVILEDGE" in a hotel room. A welcome note! His friend was telling him bout this and he was making noise saying, "how come you didnt tell me bout it, you made me so suaku infront of my friend". So i took a picture of it to show him.

A mountain of vermicilli !!! I ate 1/4 of it only.

Walking under the chilly weather~~~grrrrrr

Suitable candidates to be dancer along Queen's street????

We had NANDO'S FLAMED GRILLED CHICKEN! Its superbly nice.. especially the peri peri sauce.

Many centuries ago, Portuguese explorers in search of spices not only discovered the famous Spice Route to the East but also discovered southern Africa's best guarded secret… the tiny bird's-eye chilli.
Known in different regions as peri-peri, piri piri and pili-pili, it is this tiny capsicum that gives the Nando's sauces and flame-grilled chicken its unique flavour.

Here are some of the health benefits that chillies provide:

* High levels of Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that binds with free radicals (those bodies that cause cells to mutate) and is essential for the formation of collagen. One JalapeƱo chilli contains more vitamin C than three oranges.
* An excellent purifying agent
* A tremendous source of vitamin A, folic acid and potassium
* Chillies also contain Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Sodium, Magnesium, Thiamine (Vit B1), Riboflavin (Vit B2) and Niacin
* An effective decongestant (as many a teary-eyed chilli eater will confirm)
* Thinning of the blood, essential to prevent blood clots (Capsaicin - the heat component in Chillies)
* A lowering effect on cholesterol (Capsaicin)

Chillies are also believed to trigger the release of endorphins, chemicals produced by the body which tend to lift your spirits. A good diet would include peri-peri in at least one meal a day, 365 days of the year!

I looked horribly disgusting here its because of my seating! urghhhh

Not much bout auckland as its a boring place! I really wanted to look at the sheeps and kiwis but we were on standby duty so its like wtf ! We cant go out to the outskirts to enjoy. Puiiiiii x100000000000

Finally had my hair trimmed and its thinner now. I swear my hair's a broom. Did threading too and had a sumptuous dinner with my mom and brother over at ding ding dong 123, we are kushinbo. HAHA. That was the icon song of Kushinbo man!

I was filled with envy when my brother's school required him to buy a mac book by this week. Im like wtf!! If only im a design student and i wanted to be one too! Too bad its too late. =( He would be the typical arty farty guy in the near future i supposed. haha. And he need to buy one slr camera ok!!!!! VERY GOOD. Very soon he shall be my slave to edit my photos and do a nice blogskin for me hahaha!!!!

While on the other hand, im waiting desperately for this new asus EEPC 10 INCH toy laptop to arrive!!!!!! I wanted it so much can. I cant wait for a new laptop after 4 years of my bulky toshiba. However, was considering between this or the acer one.. both seems CUTE. Except that acer has got glossy screen while asus one is matt and i always preferred glossy screen than matt. In dilemna!!!!!!! urghghhhggh

And since when i've became such a gadget person?!?! Im waiting for iphone too. And considering whether to get black or white when it is not launched yet. HAhaha.

I want to have a big framed watch! I want this and I want that!!! So screwed up! At the end of the day, i still need to get one by one and i supposed that's my shopping list and i need to save money!

Aye hun, im not hinting you. Dont worry!!! I bought hun daisies!!!! hahaha.. i know it sounded kinda wrong ..but who cares! as long as im happy and he's happy hahaa. I just wanted to do something fast to surprise him. While he was looking at some prawnies and plants in aquarium, florist was nearby and i popped in to buy 3 stalks of orange daisies. Hurrrr.

GOOD NIght. Shall update soon with more pictures.

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