Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Universal Studio

AWWWWW!!!!!! This looks tooooo good!!!!

i dont think anywhere in singapore im able to find and the closest i can get will be the swissroll from polar or


I finally dyed my hair, prepping for the photo shoot on Jan'2011.

brown without red base a.k.a ash brown?????? according to the hair stylist.


Yesterday I had the shiok-est fried wanton ever @ xin wang cafe anchor point with honghong!

YUMMMM!!!! shit, i had soy beancurd & soybean drink with you tiao craving&**&^*%&

Gotcha!!!! brushing wasabi on your teeth XD.

I wonder if she ever knew that its her 3rd birthday. WE ALL LOVE YOU GIOGIO

Big baby drinking dinosaur's brain juice.

**rub his big tummy

im as tall as the egyptian guards behind. My legs are not THAT LONG. Hun purposely took it that way.

handsome right?!?!?!?!?!!? aiyah you people will never understand.


china worker on destruction.

Hunney, is your ass too big for the ride? ahahaha =x

2 pcs waffle with ben & jerry's ice cream at $7.60. Cheap right!

Overall, I had a fun day at USS!!!!!!! i dont mind going again. =))))

OMG. 2 more weeks and i'm going for my photoshoot. I wonder how it will be and im so excited can!!!!!

hunney, u better be good to me! i give you my life for free. LOL.

I can foresee i will change my gown again and again until i wear it for photoshoot.

BUT.... I wont change this at all. I loved it so much!!

Been eating alot as if i've been starving for eons.