Sunday, July 25, 2010


Helllooooooooo sheeshh. Weekend just ended in a blink of an eye.

What am i doing? what am i doing????? Every few moments, i felt drowsy, tired, sleepy and seconds later i'd drool. GREAT.

Took train all the way till simei and met up with cousins to geylang for some great dim sum. Cooling barley drink, minced meat congee, deep fried shrimp, char siew bao, mai kai with wings, black bean sauce ribs etcccc. To think of it, I felt like puking already because I am so FULL now after dinner with my parents. Drove to changi and wanted to have a glimpse of trannies but SURPRISINGLY, there were NONE. It was coming to 12 am and how can that be?!?!!?

Woke up, prepping to JB for some pleasures for my nails. I had bided farewell to RED and looking forward to beautify my nails once a month. Bel feels confident and womanly with well polished nails. HOHO. Dad brought home MAO SHAN WANG durians and sadly, only 4 in one durian. Before durian, I had one takopachi, half pack of nasi lemak, 3 fishballs. I was full to the max. WAIT, not forgetting chempedak!

Off to Jb, feeling full and drowsy. Hoorays, new drama for me to watch, pampered my toe nails and added cuppy.

not THAT fantastic but stil acceptable lah! I know im a difficult person!!!

An hour drive ride to Pasir Gudang to have seafood. 2 CRABS, ONE DRUNKARD FRESH PRAWNS, ONE CEREAL PRAWN, KAILAN, IKAN BILIS FRIED RICE AND SLICED ABALONE. How shiok. oohhh ohhh, with coconut juice while hun with heineken. Fried bun dipped with chilli crab sauce. XDDDD

Hooray, hun received selphy photo printer from his colleagues. IM GONA PRINT AND PRINT AND PRINT GORGEOUS PHOTOS!
've already standby one nice photo frame. Hoho. Giogio is going to have her own portrait okay hun!!! theeehee.


Hun just kena slashed a thick slice of meat. HAHA. We signed up a wedding photo shoot package from Feline Bridal. Paid deposit and meanwhile holding on to 3 packages to decide. Singapore, Taiwan, Perth. I'm kind of interested in Sg and Perth. You'll be surprised that Sg has many nice places for shots and you'll get to decide except for the humid weather that hun can bear. Im not really into taiwan because of its scenery is all mountains, greenery, lavender, flowers. NOT ME. Unless hun wants taiwan im okay with it because he's the one paying. LOLLLL.

I think I am very aunty at bargaining and asking the fellow to write down black and white before we sign. We'll do whatever it takes to squeeze him all out. Many felt cheated upon signing wedding packages and for me, I need the fellow to state down black and white and not empty promises. I told him to state on the contract that I'm able to put on any gown from the bridal gown racks and including this dress advertised on tv that costs 50k for indoor photoshoot. *of course indoor only lah! unless i paid for that bloody gown to wear outdoor. Well, by then i might just go for other gowns. Im just "gian pun"

Invoice number with 4d number. Gotta buy and win back the money hun! im still suffering from mosquito bites from pasir gudang. The price to pay for enjoying fresh seafood.

Gotta read my kpo celeb magazine. LINDSAY LOHAN'S IN JAIL. AWWW.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dot on the map, can be mesmerizing.

Our beautiful merlion. May I ask if its a HE OR SHE? LOL

Of course my sweet nails. Its so depressing that each time after a manicure, your nails grow damn fast.

a steel that costs more than $300.


he reminds me of macaron.

4 couples =)))

Not many people knows how to appreciate Chihuahua. They find it ugly, skinny, irritating etc.. which is rather annoying.
Who cares too, friends of giogio knows how cute she is.

whahaha i cant stop laughing upon seeing this pic. She looks like some cartoon seal!!!!
My mom is so evil to do this to her. I feel for you giogio.

Ipad is so much easier to use than iphone.

booo to iphone.

I came across this and thought its funny,

10 Ten Reasons it sucks to be a dick

1. You've got a hole in your head.

2. Your master strangles you all the time.

3. Your head is disproportionate to the rest of your body.

4. You shrink in cold water.

5. You never get a haircut.

6. You always hang around with 2 nuts.

7. Your closest neighbor is an a**hole.

8. Your best friend is a pussy.

9. Your scalp gets cut off if you're Jewish.

10. Everytime you get excited, you throw up.

- Unknown


<3 <3