Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rainbow is back!

Damn! Like finally my rainbow is back. I had a hard time finding the rainbow picture back. The creator of this blogskin removed it. $%$%^%&#@ Thank goodness Ms Hong is smart enough to find the picture back.

I've always wanted to own one of the doll above. If only I looked like them. =X Hunney will never like such dolls. He finds them ugly =(

Im back from Christchurch! I dont know how to upload the images from the camera's memory because i forgot to bring my memory card along! How blur am i. Sheesh!

So, time being i need to wait for my hun to be free to help me upload then!

Met up with honghong!

Mos! Toast to all! Huat huat Ah!

The old eternity couple Hohoho

We still love each other alot Mwahs!

Wonderful night though it was a short one heh!

Im not tipsy. Feeling happy!

I love my hun hun. He's the cutest!!

Oh man, im so glad can! =D I was called up for beijing flight and i simply splurged.
No moolah already! I was damn excited when I saw my favourite automatic watches over there~~~yay! I bought 2, one for myself and another one for my hun~~different designs so that we can share =)

If i have 50k, i would surely splurge on automatic mechanism watches. Not only im a clothes addict, watches and accessories too!

Im useless in anything but im damn good at shopping. Let me strike some big sweep and sweep the money away for myself.

Im beginning to think that the level of my existence in this world is ZERO. What i do everyday is basically to serve all sorts of funny, weird, crazy people. After that number of hours passed, im back in 5 star hotel or home lazing around. I spent my time soaking the bath tub, watching mtvs, movies, discovery channels and finding new fantasy of what to buy next. Though i see straitstime everyday, i dont get to read it and when im back having my own time, im too nua to touch it and then that's where i almost lost touch with the world. Thank god i have a life news updater-MY MOM. I felt something is missing in my life though it sounds so complete. I feel the need to pick up something and learn some skills. Once ive cleared my probation which is in about less than 2 months time, i will start to find some degree to study and finally ms hong realised that studying is the best policy and so stress free IF you are studying full time. For my relax lifestyle, it shouldnt be a problem to start studying and major in something. Major in shopping and be a shopping goddess? haha i wished!

Whenever in outstations, i'll learn something new. Its really a good exposure and a priceless experience. I've learnt wine tasting, different types of wines, appreciate wine with steak, different style of steaks and buffet and of course fastfood. hahaha. Seriously, up to now, im supposed to know what is a chutney but i cant be bothered to read up my ingredients book. I think i lost that book! =X Everything seems so perfect, with my hunney, my job, my lifestyle. Who knows how much nonsensical people ive tolerated? Sometimes even the colleagues u're working with! They're just a bunch of retarded lah come'on.

I missed my hun hun..he's obsessed with his new toy.. bicycle. Close to 1K bicycle. -_-". He dont want me this bicycle already haha. And me this bicycle can only be ridden by him. Haha sounds so wrong.


Im in love with this tiffany somerset ring =( so pricey. I shall wait for states flight and buy it there hurhur

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

mancester & flyer!

Never enough of sweet temptations~~(i copied the picture from facebook) hahah.. It looks so real.

Trip to Manchester was rather bad. The 13 hours flight to MAN was horrible. I was having blocked nose with greeny sticky mucus and slight fever. I slogged all the way up hoping to blow all the yucky substance out of my body. I was being urged to call for the in-house doctor to my room and he prescribed antibiotics for me to be consumed (i've yet to finish it) heh. The chief kept asking me to pax back and kept threatening me that i might burst my ear drums etc.. sounds horrifying. -_-" I would not do so man! Because i slogged my way up for 13 hours and i need to slog back to have the 2 way allowance x2.5. Im money-faced. =X

Slept for hours and headed to downtown! Shops are just opposite the hotel! Zara mango marks n spencer etcc. Things were so fucking expensive. I supposed i bought something rather worth.

One Fred Perry shoe for my brother and for myself, Ted baker shoe for my hun =>

Crews went drinking and thus i was alone walking down the streets. PRETTY WOMAN, WALKING DOWN THE STREETS..WEET WEET. I enjoyed shopping alone! I can take my own sweet time to browse and decide if i should buy or whether if its worth it.

Went Manchester Stadium at Old Trafford with another crew. We were not soccer fans nor we know much bout the Man U team or players. However, its a MUST TO GO!

The ticketing booth for sale before the leagues.

Its too huge for me to know where am i !
I suck at map reading.

In the museum of ManU stadium

The trophies they had won since dont know when mannnn.. i cant remember the year. -_-"

Try finding your favourite player's name here!

The super old and powerful pair of soccer boots

The many many Jerseys over the years

Spot me.

The secret pathway that lead us to the actual stadium

The field. Their grasses are being trimmed everyday, lights shone on them to photosynthesis, to stay healthy. What a good life the plants have!

though im not a big fan of MAN U. I dont even know who are the players. -_-"

The lounge for the players/rest area

The changing room for the players. The jersey hung there are the real jerseys that they are going to wear for their training!

I only know these 2. Hurrrr

ALrights, the end of Manchester trip. I was so lazy to take the pictures along the shopping area.. because i thought it looked the same like other europe countries.

~Singapore Flyer~

Hunney brought me to Singapore flyers!!!!!!!!! Before he gave me the surprise, like months ago, i was telling him "wei my friend who and who went singapore flyer ehh!" So bad right, i pestered him.

Comforting was that its not because i kept pestering and whining then he brought me there at least he did it willingly! HURHUR. (I know you want to go too!) Dont act.

He thinks he's in the F1 race while driving along the track-to-be.

Yay! we reached!

Our tickets

Hun is my only fan

My hun is a happy pea =>

F4784.JPG" border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5244305712863842258" />
Huihong, i can see your house hahaha.

i failed in making myself looked scared and shocked of height =x

More like it~~haha

Taken by my hunnn

The sight of it just makes me feel so relaxing

He has got the most bouncy cheeks (dont mention those overweight one lah)
When you kiss, it will have the bouncy feeling.

Move your gigantic feet away from this ang-moh

You're not bat man

Hun had craving for pizza hut and we dined in at marina square.

Cheesy cheese

Delicious but very very damn filling

Followed by a movie- Wall E. So cute!

I enjoyed the day hun, thanks for planning etcc etcc etcc. I shall plan for the next outing. Been wanting to go zoo for a long time. Hopefully soon! *prays for off day on sat or sun*

In fact i have been seeing more of hun compared to the past when i was still doing an office job. Im happy and contented =)

That day while chatting on the phone with honghong, she used this word on me that suits me perfectly "LUM NUA". Yes! II have to say LUM NUA is the word to describe me. Im feeling so lazy to do anything on my off day. Im lazy to paint my nails, lazy to unpack my stuff, lazy to run some errands that i seriously need to. And not only her, my hun was nagging at me already. I AM LUM NUA!

Went out with yali on off day~~

Another batman, is this a natural reaction?

We had korean feast

The side dishes

egg pan cake

Spicy seafood soup. SLURPS

I was having standby and my standby was called up on yali's flight to a hongkong turn!!! So concidence !! And i was considered so lucky to call up for her flight. First time doing a flight with her and was quite fun. There was this damn pax who kept farting (we dont know who) and i swear it was damn smelly. Throughout the flight, i try to avoid walking her aisle. HAHHA. IT STINKS LIKE HELL. SO fucking disgusting. The smell of it makes me wana puke. So inconsiderate. I binge alot during the flight... cant stop eating.. =( Hope to do a flight together with her soon!

I'm so afraid to give birth to kids. Recently i kept seeing mothers breastfeeding their baby. I cant keep my eyes off them. HAHA. Call me tiko then. I was amazed by the humongous breast and nipple. The breast is 2 times bigger than the baby's head. =x. scary. I dont want my breast to be bigger than my baby's head. The nipple is bigger than the baby's nose hole =( HAHAHA. okay, im lame.

It way out of the topic.

Waiting for hun to pick me up now, gotta prepare!


Women, school holidays ending so better meet me soon!