Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rainbow is back!

Damn! Like finally my rainbow is back. I had a hard time finding the rainbow picture back. The creator of this blogskin removed it. $%$%^%&#@ Thank goodness Ms Hong is smart enough to find the picture back.

I've always wanted to own one of the doll above. If only I looked like them. =X Hunney will never like such dolls. He finds them ugly =(

Im back from Christchurch! I dont know how to upload the images from the camera's memory because i forgot to bring my memory card along! How blur am i. Sheesh!

So, time being i need to wait for my hun to be free to help me upload then!

Met up with honghong!

Mos! Toast to all! Huat huat Ah!

The old eternity couple Hohoho

We still love each other alot Mwahs!

Wonderful night though it was a short one heh!

Im not tipsy. Feeling happy!

I love my hun hun. He's the cutest!!

Oh man, im so glad can! =D I was called up for beijing flight and i simply splurged.
No moolah already! I was damn excited when I saw my favourite automatic watches over there~~~yay! I bought 2, one for myself and another one for my hun~~different designs so that we can share =)

If i have 50k, i would surely splurge on automatic mechanism watches. Not only im a clothes addict, watches and accessories too!

Im useless in anything but im damn good at shopping. Let me strike some big sweep and sweep the money away for myself.

Im beginning to think that the level of my existence in this world is ZERO. What i do everyday is basically to serve all sorts of funny, weird, crazy people. After that number of hours passed, im back in 5 star hotel or home lazing around. I spent my time soaking the bath tub, watching mtvs, movies, discovery channels and finding new fantasy of what to buy next. Though i see straitstime everyday, i dont get to read it and when im back having my own time, im too nua to touch it and then that's where i almost lost touch with the world. Thank god i have a life news updater-MY MOM. I felt something is missing in my life though it sounds so complete. I feel the need to pick up something and learn some skills. Once ive cleared my probation which is in about less than 2 months time, i will start to find some degree to study and finally ms hong realised that studying is the best policy and so stress free IF you are studying full time. For my relax lifestyle, it shouldnt be a problem to start studying and major in something. Major in shopping and be a shopping goddess? haha i wished!

Whenever in outstations, i'll learn something new. Its really a good exposure and a priceless experience. I've learnt wine tasting, different types of wines, appreciate wine with steak, different style of steaks and buffet and of course fastfood. hahaha. Seriously, up to now, im supposed to know what is a chutney but i cant be bothered to read up my ingredients book. I think i lost that book! =X Everything seems so perfect, with my hunney, my job, my lifestyle. Who knows how much nonsensical people ive tolerated? Sometimes even the colleagues u're working with! They're just a bunch of retarded lah come'on.

I missed my hun hun..he's obsessed with his new toy.. bicycle. Close to 1K bicycle. -_-". He dont want me this bicycle already haha. And me this bicycle can only be ridden by him. Haha sounds so wrong.


Im in love with this tiffany somerset ring =( so pricey. I shall wait for states flight and buy it there hurhur

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