Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Many many days of my life had passed ~~ time flies in an blink of an eye. I came to realised many fucking things in life. PEOPLE ARE SELFISH. Time reveals everything, be it your character, your personality, your habit and many many tiny things that you will know. When you think of it, you will start to feel irky and sick of such species that exist.

I agree that Life is just like a stage where you put on shows and dramas.. people are pretentious. You will never know who will be the one turning their back against you. Everyday we put on a smile be it in school, in work, in everywhere infront of people especially your friends. Is your smile genuine? Only we know it ourselves.

Anyway, i always believed in Karma. So you reap what you sow in your next life. HAHA. I know im lame but i really do believe in such things.

Is there any true friendship in this world??? We dont know and we'll never know. Human is cunning and hideous. How scary is that. And that's one sad thing..friends walk in and out of my life.. and how you determine best friends? shrugs. and worst still, i always thought the term best friends do exist. And till nw, i still do. =)



Aircraft visiting in T2 & 3!

My soon-to-be working environment in a week's time!

She claims that she's Fann Wong's sister. Trying very hard to imagine.

Hey! He's a flight steward.. i know he is but he dont have to practise his service by posing as pizza delivery man. HAHA.


My bitch !

She's extremely cute! A spoilt bitch, attention seeker, itchy mouth

GioGio says, "Daddy. what are you doing??"

We were in the studio rehearsing for graduation and ended up, this was what it happened.

This is BEN LIM TECK CHUAN. He's the AH BENG in the class. omfg, helloo helloo, FLIGHT STEWARD, sock with a HOLE?!??!!?!?!? *slaps forehead*

HAHA the woman who claims to be fann's sister. UNGLAM PLUS DIRTY WOMAN

My closer bunch of batchmatessss

My sweetest hun brought me to JB to have the famous yong tau foo~~~ their speciality was the crispy fishcake.

Really delicious! thumbs up ***

Me loves him!!

trying to steal my cornnn

HEH HEH i did it!

All these pictures were sometime back due to my lousy laptop! TIME TO CHANGE! Happy Labour Day everyone~~very sooon, i'll not be able to enjoy public holidays, festive occasions etc..how sad!

Hun brought me to Vivo for some shopping ~~ in preparation for my first trip~~ many things to be done. Was crazy looking around for nice and hundred odd over trenchcoat~~ there was but it doesnt looked good on me.. =( And of all the shops and malls in singapore, only ZARA is selling trenchcoat for this season. WTH. Not even MNG. So i caught an eye on this coat 2 weeks back already and it friggin cost $249. While i was trying on other coats, my fei fei went to buy it secretly!!! So TOUCHED! Almost wanted to cry. HAHA. But i seriously think its tooo way expensive for a trenchcoat ..maybe because ive never bought one in my entire life before and so i dont really know their price range. So in return, whenever i go any countries, i must get him a present! If its a turn around flight hun, i'll try to steal the on board toys for u then hahaa. I was worried that he might not have enough to save or spend or in case he needs money urgently.. sighhzzz.. felt so bad and guilty ! i'll repay you with your reporter bag okay!!! And i finally bought my cabin luggage for 221 from samsonite with 10 years warranty. So, to be exact, it cost $2 per month.


Sunday, April 20, 2008


HELLLLOOOOOOOO im finally back with blogging! I heard people yakking bout my blog not being updated!! HOHO.

I felt as if I've lost touch with the world already! poof. My laptop had just reformatted and no more pictures! I need hunney to send me again so that i can post my BEAUTIFUL PICTURES. weetz right Miss Ugly YaLi ( she claims that she looks like fann wong) =X

Im VERY X1000000000000000000000 happy despite my training schedule and slping early at night because Im being pampered by my bf! The things he did for me really made me forget the bad days, the words he said to me made me think positively everyday though he can be egoistic at times. HAHA.

He was surprisingly patient to me nowadays.. (maybe he knows that everyday is my bad day)Everyone else thought all you have to do is to smile and serve to be a cabin crew. Things werent that simple afterall. Everyday what we trainees go through is seriously a hell.. which outsiders wont know. We learn all sorts of things .. even saving a life. We are all rounders. So people, please do not think that its a brainless job.

Happy girl received 2 presents in less than a week's time! Hunney bought me a dress from zara and a nintendo ds lite. Mr Ang, do u felt a pinch ?? HAHA. Sweet darling I have. He claims that im a princess. No! im not a princess im a queen okay! Queen of Mr Ang. And, im a queen/king maker okays! My job is to make people feel like a king/qeen. So who's role is more important?

I just received my belated present from my neighbour/ my fellow colleague a wool shawl.. how nice of him. XD so the next time i fly, i need to get him something!

Hunney brought me to waraku pasta to have a sumptuous dinner because he passed his ippt with golddd!!! thanks to me okayz coz i kept calling him golden boy for that day =))))

Nice pasta and pizzaaaa

Our staff pass comes handy at quite a lot of placessss hoho. Its cheap to dine in there with my pass!! Meet me for waraku pasta!

Im playing cooking mama with my NDS .. i suck at cutting onions, steak, etc.. =( aye, it sounds stupid to play such game but its fun!!!!!!

And where's my beloved bitchessss>>?!!??!?! better meet me soon before i fly off to adelaide on may8 okayz!

my hunney is missing again...HP LOW BATTT!

Thanks love for all the patience n your LOVE! Giogio is calling for daddy coz she just pooed and need daddy to clear her shit. HAha.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Helllooo!!! I wanted to blog so much! But my hunney went missing for few hours!!! He told me he went jogging and few hours had passed!! Mr Jo fainted halfway?!?!?!

I will come back and update soon.