Sunday, April 20, 2008


HELLLLOOOOOOOO im finally back with blogging! I heard people yakking bout my blog not being updated!! HOHO.

I felt as if I've lost touch with the world already! poof. My laptop had just reformatted and no more pictures! I need hunney to send me again so that i can post my BEAUTIFUL PICTURES. weetz right Miss Ugly YaLi ( she claims that she looks like fann wong) =X

Im VERY X1000000000000000000000 happy despite my training schedule and slping early at night because Im being pampered by my bf! The things he did for me really made me forget the bad days, the words he said to me made me think positively everyday though he can be egoistic at times. HAHA.

He was surprisingly patient to me nowadays.. (maybe he knows that everyday is my bad day)Everyone else thought all you have to do is to smile and serve to be a cabin crew. Things werent that simple afterall. Everyday what we trainees go through is seriously a hell.. which outsiders wont know. We learn all sorts of things .. even saving a life. We are all rounders. So people, please do not think that its a brainless job.

Happy girl received 2 presents in less than a week's time! Hunney bought me a dress from zara and a nintendo ds lite. Mr Ang, do u felt a pinch ?? HAHA. Sweet darling I have. He claims that im a princess. No! im not a princess im a queen okay! Queen of Mr Ang. And, im a queen/king maker okays! My job is to make people feel like a king/qeen. So who's role is more important?

I just received my belated present from my neighbour/ my fellow colleague a wool shawl.. how nice of him. XD so the next time i fly, i need to get him something!

Hunney brought me to waraku pasta to have a sumptuous dinner because he passed his ippt with golddd!!! thanks to me okayz coz i kept calling him golden boy for that day =))))

Nice pasta and pizzaaaa

Our staff pass comes handy at quite a lot of placessss hoho. Its cheap to dine in there with my pass!! Meet me for waraku pasta!

Im playing cooking mama with my NDS .. i suck at cutting onions, steak, etc.. =( aye, it sounds stupid to play such game but its fun!!!!!!

And where's my beloved bitchessss>>?!!??!?! better meet me soon before i fly off to adelaide on may8 okayz!

my hunney is missing again...HP LOW BATTT!

Thanks love for all the patience n your LOVE! Giogio is calling for daddy coz she just pooed and need daddy to clear her shit. HAha.

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