Friday, October 30, 2009

eventful and uneventful happens concurrently

Sudden craving for char siew bao.

Been hectic and busy lately.

Im starting to believe that friends make use of one another. How true it is? We dont know however, it happens. Take it with a light heart i supposed?

Hunney, milestones is another step closer to success. We are on our way to success!

congratulations hunney! XD thats the outcome of hardwork. WELL DONE LOVE. Im so proud of you.

He's very harry potter.

Attended hunney's brother's wedding at Pan Pac.

beauty and the beast hoho. My beast is one handsome beast.

Enjoying the food uh

URGHHHH I also want =(
Hunney's 5 matchsticks watch. Buy me one hunney? Will your body catch fire easily with matchsticks around???? not dangerous????? LOL

With the bride.

Joseph and Josephine. So couple-ly XDDDD
They have a couple name. I shall change my name to Josephine too!

nah, its Joseph and his Josephine DA SAO.

Hunney and me. i think ive got sharp nose. haha no need plastic surgery

I think hunney's favourite arcade game is boxing or whacking to see how strong he is. He feels shiok. I believe when you're upset and you want to vent anger, please go arcade and find such machines. It helps alot.

Thank you hunney for bringing me to watch mj's finale. THIS IS IT

He booked the tickets bout a month back and its director seats weehheee

something like this sofa but its bigger. I couldnt find the picture online because we are not allowed to take picture in the theatre. We're surprised that its not full house.
The movie was good. After watching, you'll realised how talented he is. Im not a fan fan of mj but since he's well known for king of pop i decided to give him a chance to see how pop he is haha. HE'S GOOD. Btw, i love smooth criminal this song.
there's 2 jackets in the movie of mj that i liked it alot..

Peak shoulder jacket. This is not the exact one though but similiar. this is balmain's design for spring 09

He's cool. The military jacket couldnt be let off.

Hunney we'll be happy. Life's good. chill chill bel.

thats all for now. Long day tomorrow

Friday, October 23, 2009


I'm starting to think that shortage of sleep led me to become a temperamental fellow. Im feeling depressed all of a sudden. I felt like a hassle to people, a burden to people which i dont want to. And i feel super extra or outside from the norm. I hate the feeling of being alone in a place where there are many people staring looking and talking. I will want to dig a hole and bury my head in. I dont want to be an idiot sitting there but just playing with my bb. Im not a cyber girl.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hunney Joseph 25th birthday =)

At least to me, this is funny. XD

I've been so lazy to upload pictures and now i feel the need to do so and be more efficient or else nobody wants to take picture with my camera anymore. =(

Say hello to my new friend

Hunney bought this panasonic leica for me as 3 years anniversary surprise present!!!
woohoooo thank you hunney and i felt the pinch. OUCH.
Anw its time for a new camera though the fujifilm one i loved it lots too. Abit sad that im not going to use the fuji one anymore though it belongs to hunney too.

This camera has got the best review everrrrr everrr even from a non gadget person knows that its a good semi pro cam and most places were out of stock. I didnt believe it was so good til i really played with it.
How good it is? pictures will show in future post.

Well lately probably friends will think i m.i.a but im not because im busy with jo project.

Im using my lappy now so unable to post the pictures of Jo project. Not a big project though.

Celebrated hun's 25th birthday bash at st james with his bmtc friends, bff, brothers and camp mates.
Wild night.

Ms hong here sabotaged him

birthday kiss for u love.

Jo's buddies

The alcohol for the night was machiam free flow.
10 litres of vsop and champagne. The result of mixing made us..... GAGA

alcohol boost our confidence and guts to stand on dance top
(in fact we didnt know we were on dance top)

we dont remember wearing this cap to take picture either. Till they uploaded and jo and me looked amazed at one another and thought for a moment.. did we wear a cap and take picture??? since when????

(who says alcohol makes people sad?? not us!)

i love you

this one is really funny. I supposed he was really tipsy and he looked so SEH.

oh yes managed to get the picture of jo's project by asking my brother to msn it to me.

It was a book of alot of handwritten contents (i feel so tedious for authors haha)

hmm so weird i dont know why the colour changes when its uploaded in my blogger. The actual picture wasnt like that. IT WAS MUCH NICER!

Hun's bday celebration with family at his favourite shokudo japanese joint.

he's saying this lumix is GOOD!


Mr Ang Y.K i hope this year you enjoyed your birthday bash.. im sure lah! (2 drunkards holding a bag each with vomitus) LOL
thanks for the camera. i loved it and surprised and TOUCHED! *TEARS ROLLING*
Please dont buy me expensive gifts and i will not zhng you anymore time to save up and go for holidays alright?

this is our love bear and Jo took this with the leica~~
No words can describe how happy i am. Am looking for more!! but not so drunk please.

I shall end my hunney here and there or else no one wants to read my blog anymore.

Met up with ade to singpost for coffee. I think im addicted to soy latte. Apparently only coffee bean and starbucks sell.

Girls talk and explore my camera


my new love allows me to do this without any photoshop XDDDD

the god damn outdoor mac is damn humid.

ade says we can be actress LOL

While leaving we saw this NTUC TROLLEY and thanks to ade, she gave me this idea...

say bye to NTUC TROLLEY. I feel so sad for the trolley and we just dump it JUST LIKE THAT. =(

This camera is good uhhhhhhh allows me to take rectangular oneeeeeee!! LOVE LOVE.

more to come hunney.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I’m always torn between wanting to tell my story to everyone to let them know exactly what is in my head and keeping it to myself. The problem is being outwardly unhappy and consistently so pushes people away, no matter if they say they’re always there to listen, there is only so much, even your best friends can listen too. On the other hand to pretend that everything is fine, is to poison yourself from the inside out; it is to ignore who you are and what is in your mind and lose yourself. So which is better? To have friends that think you are melodramatic, seeking attention, and pessimistic or to drown in your own mind? I honestly don’t know.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

secondary pyl

I was about to sleep and my secondary friend named PYL msned me and asked me how am i doing and he started telling me he's taking aero degree and going london to study for a year etc etc. He sounded stressed and made me stressed bout my future etc.

He claimed that he's lumber 1. (his lingo) and said that he deeply remembered that i used to disturb him without fail everyday during recess. Yah, i have a habit, bad habit to disturb people when i was schooling and he said since he is lumber 1, he decided to give me this,

hunney, he said, if your bf doesnt like he may delete it. LOL

i laughed like mad and i was so shocked to see hunney's face on the macho body

hahah this looks so manly.

e funniest part is,

this is so damn idiotic (i think the animation is not working here)

and after he asked me how am i doing and blabbering how stress he is and then send me these pictures in fb except for the last one because of the animation and he said byebye.

-.- he is always this weird.

still, i thank him for the effort though.

sausages and milk

For all those men who believe there's no reason to buy a cow when you can get the milk for free...

Currently 80% of women are against marriage, too, as they have wised up to the fact that for 7 ounces of sausage, it's not worth buying the whole pig.


Anyway, i hope everyone gets to eat mooncake be it snowskin or oven baked. Im so in love with the lotus paste mooncake. I dont really like snowskin because its toooo sweet.

if only i have this! mooncake agar agar. Its with red bean filling.

Know what, on mooncake festival , we have to:

Eat mooncakes outside under the moon

Putting pomelo rinds on one's head (which i used to do that ALWAYS when i was younger)and if i can i would put one on hun's head

Carry brightly lit lanterns

Burning incense in reverence to deities including Chang'e (simplified Chinese: 嫦娥; traditional Chinese: 嫦娥; pinyin: cháng'é)

Plant Mid-Autumn trees(how it looks like??)

Collecting dandelion leaves and distributing them evenly among family members

Fire Dragon Dances (no wonder i see lion dance everywhere today)

googled it and source from wiki =)

I'm not boliao its just that i want to remind people we still have this chinese tradition. The best is having chinese tea with mooncake (its like steak with red wine) hurhur.

So, ever since grandma passed away, no more home cooking , family gatherings etc. She used to fry chicken wings, nuggets, fry beehoon and noodles etc etc and she will always call my house and ask either my bro or me to go downstairs to get some eggs and packets of drinks because cousins are coming. Honestly speaking i used to grumble and felt so lazy to go down to get some eggs and drinks and walk over to her block. Im feeling so remorseful now. =( And so happened, when i got home today i saw many houses filled with their relatives having beehoon, kids playing around etc. The feeling was .... -SAD-

Went jb with my mom and cousin together with her bf. It was raining the whole day. BAD DAY. Brought my mom to have her hair trimmed, or rather cut it shorter. Her hair was way too long. She said, i must take good care of my hair because today one handsome cut and wash my hair with sincerity. -.- im like -_-" she's one funny mom. My hairstylist is good okays, no airs. He always cut my hair and he will wash my hair personally and not ask his kah gia (shampoo boy) to wash or blow dry. He would do everything by himself and today not only he did that to my mom, he even used the hair straightener to straighten my mom's hair. I said something like, wah like that my mom look younger than me alr. You made my hair curly and old make my mom's hair straight and look young. He replied, must do swee swee mah. I supposed he's one perfectionist or i would say professional in his job. Thumbs up. Hunney Jo loves him too =) Dont look down on malaysian hairstylist okie! im someone very particular and choosy when it comes to hair cutting. Some people thinks that i look better with straight hair. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! haha i would say most people felt that way but somehow im happy with the current hair and i think its not so bad just that people are not used to it. XD

I was browsing for cameras and when i copied and paste one of the links to hun, he pasted one for me as well at the same time~ no wonder we're a couple haha.

time to throw away all the digi cams !

Watched funny people with Mr Ang =)

the show lasted for 2 hrs and i kept munching the damn fattening popcorns. I swear lido has got the best pops ever.
Before that we had japanese food.

he said my bb camera sucks. DONT BE DEMANDING OKIE. At least my bb willing to snap a pic of you.

i cannot believe he is taller than the goddamn barrier. HELLOOO MR ANG IS TALLER THAN THE BARRIER???! So what he is 1.8m or more when i cant really wear high heels. im so sad.

He finally wore this pair of gucci shoes. This is the 2nd time ive seen him wearing it. He was making noise when the tip was kind of black. VERY NU REN RIGHT?! he is influenced by me haha.

my goody shoes. my handsome handsome. my hunney. (hopefully he is one pair of goody shoes)

My cousin ordered Large for her sugarcane and i had small. Her Large is really LARGE.