Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hunney Joseph 25th birthday =)

At least to me, this is funny. XD

I've been so lazy to upload pictures and now i feel the need to do so and be more efficient or else nobody wants to take picture with my camera anymore. =(

Say hello to my new friend

Hunney bought this panasonic leica for me as 3 years anniversary surprise present!!!
woohoooo thank you hunney and i felt the pinch. OUCH.
Anw its time for a new camera though the fujifilm one i loved it lots too. Abit sad that im not going to use the fuji one anymore though it belongs to hunney too.

This camera has got the best review everrrrr everrr even from a non gadget person knows that its a good semi pro cam and most places were out of stock. I didnt believe it was so good til i really played with it.
How good it is? pictures will show in future post.

Well lately probably friends will think i m.i.a but im not because im busy with jo project.

Im using my lappy now so unable to post the pictures of Jo project. Not a big project though.

Celebrated hun's 25th birthday bash at st james with his bmtc friends, bff, brothers and camp mates.
Wild night.

Ms hong here sabotaged him

birthday kiss for u love.

Jo's buddies

The alcohol for the night was machiam free flow.
10 litres of vsop and champagne. The result of mixing made us..... GAGA

alcohol boost our confidence and guts to stand on dance top
(in fact we didnt know we were on dance top)

we dont remember wearing this cap to take picture either. Till they uploaded and jo and me looked amazed at one another and thought for a moment.. did we wear a cap and take picture??? since when????

(who says alcohol makes people sad?? not us!)

i love you

this one is really funny. I supposed he was really tipsy and he looked so SEH.

oh yes managed to get the picture of jo's project by asking my brother to msn it to me.

It was a book of alot of handwritten contents (i feel so tedious for authors haha)

hmm so weird i dont know why the colour changes when its uploaded in my blogger. The actual picture wasnt like that. IT WAS MUCH NICER!

Hun's bday celebration with family at his favourite shokudo japanese joint.

he's saying this lumix is GOOD!


Mr Ang Y.K i hope this year you enjoyed your birthday bash.. im sure lah! (2 drunkards holding a bag each with vomitus) LOL
thanks for the camera. i loved it and surprised and TOUCHED! *TEARS ROLLING*
Please dont buy me expensive gifts and i will not zhng you anymore time to save up and go for holidays alright?

this is our love bear and Jo took this with the leica~~
No words can describe how happy i am. Am looking for more!! but not so drunk please.

I shall end my hunney here and there or else no one wants to read my blog anymore.

Met up with ade to singpost for coffee. I think im addicted to soy latte. Apparently only coffee bean and starbucks sell.

Girls talk and explore my camera


my new love allows me to do this without any photoshop XDDDD

the god damn outdoor mac is damn humid.

ade says we can be actress LOL

While leaving we saw this NTUC TROLLEY and thanks to ade, she gave me this idea...

say bye to NTUC TROLLEY. I feel so sad for the trolley and we just dump it JUST LIKE THAT. =(

This camera is good uhhhhhhh allows me to take rectangular oneeeeeee!! LOVE LOVE.

more to come hunney.

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