Friday, October 30, 2009

eventful and uneventful happens concurrently

Sudden craving for char siew bao.

Been hectic and busy lately.

Im starting to believe that friends make use of one another. How true it is? We dont know however, it happens. Take it with a light heart i supposed?

Hunney, milestones is another step closer to success. We are on our way to success!

congratulations hunney! XD thats the outcome of hardwork. WELL DONE LOVE. Im so proud of you.

He's very harry potter.

Attended hunney's brother's wedding at Pan Pac.

beauty and the beast hoho. My beast is one handsome beast.

Enjoying the food uh

URGHHHH I also want =(
Hunney's 5 matchsticks watch. Buy me one hunney? Will your body catch fire easily with matchsticks around???? not dangerous????? LOL

With the bride.

Joseph and Josephine. So couple-ly XDDDD
They have a couple name. I shall change my name to Josephine too!

nah, its Joseph and his Josephine DA SAO.

Hunney and me. i think ive got sharp nose. haha no need plastic surgery

I think hunney's favourite arcade game is boxing or whacking to see how strong he is. He feels shiok. I believe when you're upset and you want to vent anger, please go arcade and find such machines. It helps alot.

Thank you hunney for bringing me to watch mj's finale. THIS IS IT

He booked the tickets bout a month back and its director seats weehheee

something like this sofa but its bigger. I couldnt find the picture online because we are not allowed to take picture in the theatre. We're surprised that its not full house.
The movie was good. After watching, you'll realised how talented he is. Im not a fan fan of mj but since he's well known for king of pop i decided to give him a chance to see how pop he is haha. HE'S GOOD. Btw, i love smooth criminal this song.
there's 2 jackets in the movie of mj that i liked it alot..

Peak shoulder jacket. This is not the exact one though but similiar. this is balmain's design for spring 09

He's cool. The military jacket couldnt be let off.

Hunney we'll be happy. Life's good. chill chill bel.

thats all for now. Long day tomorrow

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