Friday, November 6, 2009


I always loved Japanese stuff. So detailed, sweet, colourful, pretty and etc etc! The picture above speaks a thousand.

On a side note, im addicted to playing facebook's cafe world. Im in the midst of cooking chicken tikka masala. In real life i loved chicken tikka masala. I dont know if its considered indian food because in dubai all the menu has this as one of the popular dishes.

It doesnt look appealing but you'll be surprised by how it taste. Its definitely better than chicken curry. Go it with butter naan or garlic one.

To my dearest hun, if you think you're crippled for this coming one year, do think that you have a walking stick to accompany you through. Ms Hong will be the walking stick alright? Make use of this disaster as a good opportunity to save money and go on a japan trip with me *evil grinz* Since we love japanese cuisine so much, we should go all the way there to taste and i assure you that no any other jap restaurant can be on par with the ones in japan. I want to go to the sanrio world!!!! full of hello kitties, my melody, twinkle stars. Buy back some burberry, ysl or ralph lauren etc etc handkerchiefs!!! Pretty umbrellas with skirting. Not forgetting mount fuji. I sounded like a kid. =X
DONT BE STRESSED!!!! i'm just looking on the brighter side. Its good to fantasize though.
Please remember to charge your itouch and bring along a book in your new prada bag so that on the way to work you wont be bored. Make full use of your bag okie!
Its not that bad i believe. 3 CHEERS TO JOSEPH PLEASE EVERYONE! *CHEERS*

*I cant sleep till 43 mins later because I'm waiting for my chicken tikka to be serve. I know i deserve a slap.*

J having the tomato base ramen

Spicy mapo tofu udon (the soup is the starchy type)

thumbs up!

We're amazed by the gigantic bowl served to us.

The most unforgettable taste was..... POTATO MENTAI CHEESE!!!

Very cheesy and sinful!!!

Hun J loves it alott really ALOT.
Please visit waraku japanese restaurant they have nice japanese food. Personally i think is so much better than sushi teh.

Nowadays we tend to stop by the arcade machines full of soft toys to kpo around and look at those fellows trying to "kiap" the soft toys for their girlfriends to impress their gfs or purely for fun. Even aunties play too!!!!
We decided to join in the fun and was surprised to see this..

Hun J decided to give it a try. I was telling him, " eh it seemed hard to lift up the small tub of ice cream because the ice cream in a mini tub is rather heavy for the plastic flap to lift it up."

"Just try lah"

And true enough, he proved me wrong..

With 2 dollars, he caught it.

See his face?!!?!?! SO HAPPY.

The first dollar was to see how it works as no one is playing it. They can even thought of putting ice cream into such machines. SALUTE.

Then.. we were thinking that hmmm probably we're lucky and lets move on to other machines.

AHA! he got this pink melody for me. Its exactly the same just that i didnt managed to take a picture of it because Mr Ang took my camera home for his sentosa trip =(

well.. it cost us $1 only. LUCKY????

what happened was this ah beng tried to "push this melody" down the hole by topping it with some other toys so that this melody could drop. He failed after a few times and gave up. Without hesitation we changed the coins and slot it in. Just once and we got it. I was happily holding this toy and his girlfriend saw me holding this toy and kept looking at me. I was afraid she will be dulan and so i decided to keep it in my bag. LOL. sounds lame uh... im afraid she would bash me up.

im happy =)

i bought quilt, bedsheets and memory pillow. Such household thingy is so f. expensive.

i cant wait to sleep on my new white bedsheets.

Mom: why buy white?!!?!?!? sure dirty and you wash it yourself.

Me: white nice what! i happy what (i know im very rude) must kowtow to my mom alr haha

Mom: you think your room is hotel ah

Totally agree that older generation hates white bedsheets. Anw its not plain with its with some designs that... i dont know how to describe. Wait till i use it and shall show it.

Halloween and hong jiejie's bday pics coming up soon!

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