Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Post Events

Many many pictures to upload!!!!!!!

I'm very frustrated NOW. With everything. Don't ask me why.

Im thinking if i should put some pictures on my header. ...... sigh


The vampire that kills by using a chopper instead of sucking blood.

My new vietnam maid. Welcome to my family "Mary"

Happy Birthday Huihong XD Her wedding birthday party @ carousel buffet dinner. Thanks tc

Birthday greetings on the "scrap" card

limin and her bf is missing. They went to buy toy gun LOL

The birthday jie jie =)))

the person who hates me

while waiting for the individual pictures to be loaded, i think my imac has got virus. Couldnt be right?? because imac is known not to have virus .. well anything that falls in my hands will be dead shortly.

The damn chocolatey birthday cake that i ate 3 slices. OOPS i didnt meant to eat that much!!!

limin and catherine. Limin is wearing a BEBE corset tube top okays!!!! ATAS little girl haha

Group photos of all the boyfriends.

Group photos of the hot babes

i have tons of halloween pictures so am not going to put it up here check it out in fb in the album.

Attended Mr Jo's friend's birthday @ dragonfly.


its so PRINCESS of you with a cupcake somemore

"im sad because now i owned bmw"

many thoughts running through.. dont know whats going on.

As usual women, have many wants.

prada saffiano tessuto. In burgundy

I liked the black one though. Its the classic black prada leather. XD

Chanel vinyl cabas. Reminds me of the ferragamo bag that i wanted to buy earlier.

Anyway, the prada saffiano is out of stock in the whole of singapore and malaysia. Especially the black one. That popular or not!?!?!?

On my 25th birthday, please buy me the chanel classic large leather shopping bag with gold chain. LOL.

Am not buying any bags i better say in case Mr Jo misunderstood. He will always nag at me for not being contented. Well, women... never enough of bags and clothes. I dont know for others but me definitely a yes.

YES, Im not buying any bags until a year later. Maybe by then my addiction will be over. You know, he will start saying ya ya as if... say only. I will still continue my addiction.

blah blah blah.

I felt very annoyed by myself really. I wish i know nothing bout fashion. NOT THAT I KNOW ALOT. ITS JUST ALL THANKS TO MAGAZINE. I dont read books except magazines.

Im beginning to realize, not fashion pieces but classic ones that grows with value.

Am not buying clothes that often. ( i swear)

Found another place for budget ones. Ask me if you're interested. kidding.

No more restaurants because im loving local delights from the hawker centers and i really think eating in such places is a waste of money unless the food is real good and that is value for money.

food from the cafe? SAY NO.

If you're into wine/coffee, call me. i wont reject.

Sounds like im on budget yea?

Good to be on budget.

I dont know what you people think of me. And seriously, i dont care. And who are you to judge.

People might think that im someone that is not able to stop shopping, not able to save money etc.. think whatever you want.

I may be a shopaholic at times because i love clothes i love fashion etc. At the end of the day, i know what am i doing and what are my priorities.

Maybe i should say, im sick of certain things and that its time to do something bout it.

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