Friday, November 20, 2009

This was taken by a professional photographer though i didnt look that gorgeous LOL.

I'm addicted to caffine. Be it coke or coffee or tea.

Pretty teacup with mocha =)))

while typing all these shit, im having cup noodles

came back from perth, had a meal onboard throughout the whole day and my mouth starts to itch after showering.
Munched on SMITH'S crinkle cut sour cream and onion flavour XD
and now im sitting on the bar chair feeling the layers of fat forming. It made me felt like i have pork belly. Well, enough to make char siew pork belly noodles.

Im feeling kinda annoyed. Not sure if annoyed or eye sore or jealous or feeling green. I know of this girl, a colleague of mine at the age of 21, she has my favourite bvlgari 3 layered ring.

she owned 2 miu miu bags which i have totally no interest in. BUT STILL, ITS A MIUMIU BAG.

then she has multi-coloured long champ bags. (im not a fan of long champ either but still... multi coloured how many does she need??)

one lv, the one that limin has.

one lv bucket bag. (a real old model)

lastly, my favourite chanel large tote

i dont believe she just spend on bags. I strongly believed that she spends on clothes as well and going to all the atas places.
Can someone please guide me how to spend like her and while still able to save money. aint sure if she saved any money. =X

Do you know that alot of working adults owned their first branded bag at the average age of 25 and here the GEN-Y generation are atrocious. I belong to the gen-x hahaha. living in denial.

How lucky they are.

And now reminds me of my many wants. They are wants but at this moment i dont think i will splurge on my wants. I happened to read fann wong's sister's blog and she bought the chanel cabas and i have to compliment that its a nice piece but not a classic one. =x Can someone please tell me if my balenciaga is one classic.. because it seems like some fashion bag.

doesnt matter. This is a boring entry... i cant help but blogging bout my fantasies.

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