Wednesday, November 25, 2009

sick cat

Im craving for saba fish and i know where to have it that taste similar to the one i've tried in korea.
Its juicy and crispy. Even a non fish lover like me loves it too.

I was down with a flu. Both of my ears are feeling hot and muscles aching but there was no fever. Wasted 24 bucks to visit the doctor and told me that its end of the year, weather changes, nasal path is congested. Popped handful of pills (2panadol, 2 flu tablets and 1 to relieve muscle ache) double the dosage so that i'll recover by evening.

HELL NO. i did not recover and i had to report sick for capetown. I wanted to go to cape of good hope to find some hope there because i think im hopeless. LOL.

Even god feels that im hopeless so no point going there =x.

Well, as usual the sucky control ass called me up for a delhi. I dont mind doing delhi but im looking at the allowance. I was hoping for some aussie flight. If only my roster consist of all aussie places and kl turns and at least one europe flight. I'll be contented like hell.

So today im home mopping the whole house, cleaning up the room and changed new bedsheets!

yay my new bedsheet!

it was tedious changing the bedsheet alone i swear!

lame brother lying on my bed. EEEEE can see his kar mor.

hmm somehow i think the room colour doesnt match. Thinking of a new colour to change.

i didnt know what is this lame skull mask for until my mom (so KPO) came in and tell me, "you dont know meh? you more suaku than me" -_-

for the motorcyclist. SO STUPID.

"you learning bike meh? or your friend ride bike?" " No, i wear this in club" THIS IS EVEN FUCKING LAME AND STUPID. OMFG.

He is the GEN-Z generation uh???? and he has this female friend who wore sunglasses in club and apparently this girl is rather popular. ACT COOL OR WHAT? i dont know shrugs.

My topp songs for the moment,

sexy chick - david guetta (i love the electro background)

love is gone - david guetta.

TIK TOK - kesha

Meet me halfway - black eyed peas

Bad romance - lady gaga

yayyy ive downloaded few applications to my bb. Im having fun with it. XD

Im contented really. Because i have 2 BBs! 1. blackberry bold 2. balenciaga bag

I never regretted buying this bag because i really think not many people will own the same bag as you as each individual piece is different . The colours come and go, season by season and they wont repeat the colours again once you've missed it or the season is over.

its just like i wanted navy blue and the fellow told me it was previous season and they will not have it in future. How true it is ? we dont know but its indeed true at the moment that once you have missed the colours you cant get in anywhere.

Till date, i have not bump into anyone with the same bag as me. So, chanel more worth buying or balenciaga? you decide.

Anyway its just random comment. People who is not materialistc like me dont bother to read alrights!!

Mr Jo just called me!!!!!!!!! after waiting for the whole noon. I suspect that he's playing with his itouch the whole noon. He told me that he wanna get BLACKBERRY!!!!!!!!! woohooooo like finally he is convinced to get BB!!!! He used to sort of anti blackberry. And on the other hand, so much in love with iphone. Even preorder iphone. I love MAC but not iphone. It left me a deep impression of how lousy it could be. I was damn excited to see cooking mama available in iphone 3gs and in the midst of frying the food and stirring the soup, it hanged. It died on me. I panicked and the immediate action i did was to put the damn iphone back to where it was and left quickly without anyone noticing. Then i tell myself YES, DECIDE ON BLACKBERRY.

Talking bout it, i cant wait to change my rose gold bb casinggggggggg!!!!! Mr J please do it for me asap. I wana go bkk for holiday to buy tons of bb casing backkkkkk and i want my trackball to be coloured!!!!!!!!

ive downloaded daily horoscope into my bb, latest celebrity updates. its for kpo people like me.

I sounded like a mad woman.

i asked my brother if he believes 2012 will be the end of the world he told me scientifically proven will be approximately 100 years later. I didnt know he can be quite knowledgeable. End of the world can be really scary i want to die in my sleep and not being crushed by buildings or die in tsunami..basically not in any tragic death that i will suffer before i die.


Now i know why the passengers always carry a neck pillow with them.

the food there is expensive and not fantastic

flight certificate. i flew inside this huge hollow container and the strong wind blew me up .. for the first time im amazed by myself that i could fly without wings without any gadgets attached to me. How cool

see the engines ???

took cable car down to kl

this is the shiok-est ever. Its called yue guan bao he.


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