Monday, December 21, 2009

Xmas with loves

At least this picture brings an instant smile on my face. Humored me for a teeny bit though we all know its crap.

Maldives !!!!!!!!!! AKA MALE

i knew it wasnt a good day to take pictures BAD FACE DAY =(

many belated pictures!!!!!$%^^#$

this is what i called BEAUTIFUL

Evidence to how clear the water is XDDDD

studies shown that MALE is sinking in a few years time... how scary and does that means the world is ending as well????? omg c'yan actually believed that its true after watching 2012.

im so angry now because my internet connection in imac is cranky. Loading damn slow, testing my patience.

First time to london

PRIMARK is a craze in UK. The store opens at 10am and by 11 you see many people pulling their cabin bag. HELLOOOO IMAGINE A CABIN BAG in a shopping mall. I dont know whats wrong with them, they buy as if they havent been shopping for a decade. oh yes, by 11 the store will be in a mess. Clothes being ransacked all over, bras, accessories etc all over the place.


i have 3 pairs of leggings at 3 pounds each.

bedroom slippers(one with polka dots) 3 pounds as well

hot water bottle bag/warmer, few pounds too!

hunney's suave cardigan at 10 pounds, one military vest for 7 pounds.

Not forgetting marks n spencer,
the buckets and buckets of sweet treats for X'mas. Gonna bring to my family gathering on Xmas's Eve !!

my magazines at 2 pounds each. ESPECIALLY GLAMOUR.

Hairspray at 4 pounds for 2. (so each is 2 pounds) !!!!

what else,

saw the "simple" make up remover??? singapore's watson is selling at 11 bucks and i bought it for 5 pounds for 2 packets. HOW DIRT CHEAP IS THAT?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?! omg omg the thought of it simply makes me high.

PRIMARK is darn cheap and you'll end up buying all sorts of rubbish.

Marks n Spencer's dessert section.. it took me half an hour to decide which one to get because i wanted to get all at that point of time. LOL. All of them looked tasty

im obsessed already.

Merry Christmas 2009 babes!

Xmas dinner with the sisters. HUGE FOOD DISAPPOINTMENT. Not the tiramisu yet haha


cat and honghong

miss lau. The girl who claimed that my pinhole mode made her looked like one dirty ah pu neh neh lil girl

hun J treated me some crepes

Been looking forward to aussie stations because im able to visit general pant co. store where they sell all the LEE pieces which you cant get it in sg and on top of that, they have very nice clothings.

Gonna update more on xmas with family soonnnnn

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