Sunday, January 10, 2010


Jo was saying that he used to visit my blog every other day. Its almost like a "must come" website. He doesnt do that anymore simply because i dont update as often. Why? Reason being, LAZY.

Happy 2010 people! This is my very first entry in 2010 after 10 days since countdown.

Whats with my resolution????

1. To be more positive in EVERY THING. I hope so. Im known to be a sadist what.....! I always think of the worst so that i'll be mentally prepared for the worst. Good or bad? *shrugs*


XD. What you want to do or achieve you will, setting resolutions will only make me happy for a period and then i'll forget bout it and life goes on as what it used to be without any changes.

2010 just started and i'm already facing STRESS in my life. I am officially deemed to be able to operate A380 ( im always hoping that this day will not come) and the present i got in december was to be trained. There was so much hatred towards this aircraft by many and obviously not the passengers. Capacity wise, 400 odd or slightly more.
okays, i mentioned above that i should be positive. WOAH IM 380 TRAINED AND I FEEL SO STYLO TO WORK IN 380.

First flight on 380 to Narita-Tokyo.

Work like dog? Do not agree to a certain extent. People always exaggerate. STILL I DO NOT LIKE IT. Ask me ask me when you see me! especially yali. Btw, i believe you'll love it since you always wanted to be trained in 380 (provided you're bitchy enough). $$$$$$$$ <----- This is your face wyl. LOL. Did you buy me any nice stuff from states?? *im waiting*

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NARITA.. the fellow who got the most presents from me was my......... bitchy wawa giorgio!
too many cute doggie accessories. My mom banned her from having her new stuff because my mom thinks that it should be used on chinese new year -_-"

Meet my new friend =)))) yet to give her a new name. I always wanted to buy this bunny from mother garden and for some reasons it closed down and I never gotten the chance to buy it till i saw it in japan. This weird looking bunny originates from japan and taaadaaaa i bought it =))))

The name of the doll is USAMOMO DOLL.

sounds very voodoo.

Didnt step out of the mall to take scenic images because that area was deserted partly coz its near the airport and might as well stayed indoor to shop.

This is fried rice with fried chicken in a bento box. GUESS WHAT?! my room is just right opposite this vending machine that PRODUCES this bento. Few choices and this looked good and its fantastic. Imagine, how delicious can a food be especially from a vending machine?? Well, dont be surprised by anything in japan.

When i opened my door, I saw this food vending machine right infront of me with just 4 steps. HOW NEARRRRR HOW NEARRRRR!!!

Milk tea. Recommended by my colleague and thumbs up for it.

Strawberriesss. Big fat berries, hand carried from tokyo to sin.

bought dorayaki for my bitchy wawa (helloo, its dog foooodddd!)

gums for her so that she dont have to brush her teeth and fresher breath! im so afraid my brother will mistook it for my gums.

instant noodles

goodies for hunney Jo

sorry hunney no black label or blue label coz im in one ulu mall.

Will update more on proposal! (not mine obviously lol)

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