Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Max's Wedding Proposal

Both of Jo's brothers proposed to their future wife and it was soooooooo sweet. Yes i have to admit that im envious and wanted to be part of it. Im such a KPO. haha couldnt help being part of it to witness the sweet love.

this is a good one for me XD. please use sin ming's muffin and not cupcakes in future. (no worries, im kidding!)

but if you were to buy me cupcake or muffin i will choose muffin!!

Hun's friend Max, booked a hotel room in oriental mandarin and gotten a free upgrade to suite. HOW NICEEEEE and it was so proper for a proposal =).

Project P in progress .

the proposal flower =))) the pink carebear symbolizes LOVE.

dont be deceived by this so-so decor


the gay couple

not mine again LOL. i held 2 bouquets of proposal flowers within 2months.

Compliments to the couple

he was feeling very nervous.

congrats =)))))

LOL. all of us ate one each.

gamblers playing poker. HUNNEY PLEASE DONT FOLD ! lolll

THE MAN in my life XD

see how much the winner won?

it goes so well with balsamic and olive oil XDD

triple dates

the charming Jo

hunney and his bang. LOL

all for now lazy to post my own pictures. More old pictures coming up soon. I blame procastination.

Jo is feeling chirpy today when I feel like a complete freak that gets annoyed with every little things. Again, I blame PMS. Bad cramps, bad day. Macbook pro for my bro was totally out of stock in ALL THE BEST DENKI OUTLETS. Wasted my trip down with my mom. Nvm, I wanted normal yong tau foo but they gave me tom yum soup base one instead. Had difficulty communicating with indo malay. Lastly, the bus driver shut the right just right before i was about to alight. I was stuck in between many smelly students that ended their cca, many office workers etc etc.

alrights, crashing at Jo's place should make my day a better one.

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