Saturday, October 3, 2009

secondary pyl

I was about to sleep and my secondary friend named PYL msned me and asked me how am i doing and he started telling me he's taking aero degree and going london to study for a year etc etc. He sounded stressed and made me stressed bout my future etc.

He claimed that he's lumber 1. (his lingo) and said that he deeply remembered that i used to disturb him without fail everyday during recess. Yah, i have a habit, bad habit to disturb people when i was schooling and he said since he is lumber 1, he decided to give me this,

hunney, he said, if your bf doesnt like he may delete it. LOL

i laughed like mad and i was so shocked to see hunney's face on the macho body

hahah this looks so manly.

e funniest part is,

this is so damn idiotic (i think the animation is not working here)

and after he asked me how am i doing and blabbering how stress he is and then send me these pictures in fb except for the last one because of the animation and he said byebye.

-.- he is always this weird.

still, i thank him for the effort though.

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