Friday, July 4, 2008

off day

Today its a Friday and I don't have the feeling of an off day because tomorrow I have to WORK! How i wished its a KL turnaround man. Screw it!

My body activated itself at 12 noon and woke my brother up to have prata therapy with me. I brought my mommy out to bugis for some shopping to keep her occupied. We went to GUAN YIN MA Temple to pray and I bought a lotus to offer. Its a myth that offering flowers will make you a beautiful person. So, I'm BEAUTIFUL!!!

I bought my mom a top =)

We passed by Neo print machines. HAHA. I saw this machine that comes with pastries and food background so I was kind of tempted to try it. Initially I was embarrassed to take because it seems like its not the "in" thing anymore. But who cares!

Hun! You see the dolls above??!?! Hehhh thats the one i liked =)

And seriously, the machine was too quick for us to decide what pose to pose for our pictures%^#$#%#%^ angry!

It was in the damn japanese language and I dont have how to choose for the food background can! I only managed to figure out the last one..=( Waste my money! BOOx100

HOHO, my mommy was wearing my new top! Well, she likes.

Glad to see her so happy after my grandma's wake.

I treated my mom to USA Billy Bombers. As usual I had my favourite german sausages. Please dont think the dirty way. HOHO.

I loved my Hun in this picture! But too bad he will not be wearing glasses anymore. Now still handsome Hun, no worries!

Back track,


Me dont love.

On the india's tuk tuk! I looked ugly in this picccccc =( If only I looked like angelina jolie. Hun's colleague mentioned that he looked like angelina jolie!!! OMGGG hahaha -_-"

Alright, im starting to miss my hun..... I missed wong yali and hong jieeeeeeeee and Jollll

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