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flying career


A Month that I last updated my blog. I was supposed to blog on every trip that I went but because I was traumatized by the fact that im going through this ordeal. My one and only grandma passed away due to pneumonia in just 1 month. It was so sudden and I havent really gotten the chance to speak to her ever since she was being pushed into ICU. There were so many things undone. She wanted to gather everyone including our bfs/gfs for a sumptuous dinner at some restaurant. I always thought my grandma was very healthy compared to some other elderly. Everyday she was in my house and I wasted so much time. I should have talked to her more or walk her home since she lived behind my block. She would always nagged at my mom to cook more nutritious food for both my brother and me. She would always sit in the middle of the sofa and laughed heartily whenever i mentioned bout RAIN (the korean star) to her. RAIN was her idol. =) I've yet to buy her anything ever since i started working.

The 5 days funeral was unacceptable, right infront of my naked eye my ah ma lay inside the scary wood, staying awake to guard her coffin from stray cats. I know my grandma passed away unwillingly. We watched her being alive, lying on the ICU bed till the medical equipment showed her heartbeat stopped. It was really saddening. I can never see her again my friends... people whom have not lost their loved ones will never understand the ache im feeling. From alive till burnt and only left with ashes. BTW, i dont think its ashes, its bones. We picked up her bones and put it in the urn and asked her to live in her "NEW HOUSE". How cruel to burn her body... I can never hold her hands again. I can imagine how lonely my mom is going to be. She was so used to talking to my ah ma and watching korean dvds together. Whenever i think of her, i'd cry even now im blogging. I missed her so much... She will always live in our hearts.

Thank you hun for being there for me 24/7 especially during this period. He shoved off everything to be by my side. LOVES! During the funeral, he helped out alot and forgo his beauty sleep and important appointments in camp. He supported me in my job too. There are certain flights which I complained of and he taught me to look at things with a different perception and sometimes he even bitched together with me bout the crews that i complained. He transferred me money worrying that i might not have enough to spend. Fetching me to airport through and fro as if his petrol is free. I'll be half dead without this vainly hun. People commented that he is handsome >.< ... So he's one honey pot and im the bee. POOF. Never mind, I will save money to travel to Korea to have my face nicely done. He's on high demand man! Im gona do something to myself real soon.

Well, enough of the misery though im not very excited bout it because... MY AH MA... =(

Flying career started sometime back. How was it? Fucking good ones and fucking bad ones. As long as we know our duties and take everything as a pinch of salt, it'll be fine =) Firstly, my check report goes well. Yayy! I think im very very lucky because im working with this disgustingly nice chief steward and IFS.

A summary of flights then.

Adelaide, beijing, BKK turn, Amsterdam, Manila nightstop, Hongkong turn, Bali nightstop, Bombay and coming up Melbourne. After melbourne would be seoul, Dubai, Hongkong turn, one standby, Auckland, Rome the rest I cant remember Ha. My roster just suck uh.

Be a cabin crew and you'll get to enjoy such sweet delicacies in overseas cafe. =)

And for almost everyday, im eating inflight meals man!!! OMG. Good thing is that we always get to eat Business class satays, chocolate truffles, pralines and oh, back from bombay, i tried the Business class Garlic bread. Its freaking delicious and crispy i tell you! But of course, most of the time i see the meals caserole, i wana puke.


My first training on board flight to adelaide. And these are the stewards that brought us out.

Adelaide's big plate of roasted chicken noodle. Seems like its for GIANT!

Shop that sells CHOCOLATES.

Sighhh im trying to act HOT like jessica alba. ahahha. jUST KIDDING.

My beloved pastries!!


View from Adelaide's Hilton Hotel

My pose looked ugly.

Hot and Sour Soup *slurps* goes well together with the chilly weather

Sighhhh i feel so sad.. All my pictures are without my hun.. Im a very "boyfriend" girlfriend. Sad to say. I supposed he is much more relieved now because im not always there to irritate him.

Road side food stall. I loved their golden mushroom soaked in spicy soup.

golden mushroom!

Nu Ren Jie

Duck's tongue noodle with dumplings.


Ams's hotel room

The streets and houses. A different view compared to high rise buildings in singapore.

I supposed that's their police

Ben N Jerry Ice creamMmmmmm

Every few streets you'll come across this river.

Clog shoes is Ams icon... so cuteee!

Queuing up for crossiants at the train station.

Train station, waiting for train to mini world!!

So goddamn lucky to have the same flight as my next blk neighbour out of 7000 crews.

In the train.

Try finding Singapore!

Aye, i looked so dumb dumb hor.

We went Maruradum. Its a miniature of Holland. Freaking real! I wonder if they will come alive in the middle of the night

Fellow people getting married! Too bad i have to scale down the images or else you'll get to see a more detail view of it.

Entering the chapel. So cuteee.. Looks like im playing masak masak. Heh.

The neighbourhood. =)

Lets enjoy the breeze outdoor sipping a hot mocha or beer.

I'm GIANT! HOHOHO here comes the PRETTY GIANT. =x

Somehow im obsessed in this picture. If only i can own a cafe like this. XINYU STARTS DREAMING AGAIN.

I want to own this piece of land!

My work environment!

Nah nini, give you my SHELL PETROL STATION. Next time no need to go caltex and pump petrol, waste money.

Those uncles damn cute can! Placed their stools there and enjoy the "dead" non moving ship.

And nini, another present for you. Your beloved satellite dish. My hun loves satellite dish. Weirdo righttt?!!

Looks like singapore's fantasy island. hEH.

Holland's icon-Windmills. Pity that the real windmills were not available for visiting for that period.

All the pictures were taken with the help of the crews, not much chance to take with them coz they were busy taking their own photos!

We passed by Bakery shop~~~weeeheeee

Start drooling!!

Hellooo people, have a good look at Ams's PUBLIC TOILET. As their shops closes at 5pm, they had this public toilet for men to pee. ITS REALLY A PUBLIC TOILET. OUTDOOR TOILET. LOL.

End of Ams. I had more pictures but if i were to post all, i'll never be able to finish blogging!! Im left with Bombay and Korea pictures to be uploaded and anw, just a handful of pics and its nothing interesting. I will post it in my next blog entry.

On off day, met up with my much loved hun!


We had pepper lunch-Hamburger steak for me!


He drew turtle on my receipt. boo!

He's elated to have waffles with icecream. FEI SI NI!

Super Tuesday gelare ice creamm````~~~WOOHHOOO

i bought a dress for giogio but she will too big for it! we underestimated her size!!! Anw, the dress was so pretty right!

I love you hun.. thanks for everything you've done and sacrificed.. and of course for the effort you;ve put it in. I loved the flowers you bought a day before my graduation day because you cant attend my SIA graduation and you surprised me with this hot pink flowers. Thank you love! Its drying up at my place now.. and not to worry, its beautifully dried!

My cheerful and gorgeous flowerS!

hEY, im so tired to continue blogging already. Will update soon!

Many heartfelt words yet to be said.. will update real soon! Loves!

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