Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No more Woes!

Desserts.. i will never let go of desserts! im weak at resisting the temptations for desserts. hoho.

I loveeeee breadrolls with butter! XD

Met up with honghong jiejie, supposed to have caesar salad and ended up having lunch at white dog cafe. I liked the fish with japanese soy sauce.

hong jiejie doesnt want to send me her pics... =(

okay babes, i shall give you 2 weeks allowance. HURHUR.

Isnt this amazing??? watermelon agar agar. *slurps*

Hunney drivinggggggg and im beside annoying him

evening is always a good time for us to show off the glasses (when the sun goes back home =x)

We went shokudo food bazaar at rafflescity AGAIN. Somehow, we love the food there =) pizzas, ramen etc.. though cannot be compared to the ones in jap.

Spicy ramen with softshell crab.

Rosti with bacon. Hunney's fave ..what to do? haha kidding.

hunney 's sooooo damn cute and charming uh?

we belong to the bui bui club

finally i settled for my craving. iced red bean with mochi mochi. So QQ~


Needless to say, im here in Maldives!

Shall continue in the next post. haha.
I shall be hardworking to apply mask on my face everynow and then. I want to have tofu-like skin. Am thinking if i should change my blogskin or else people will say i copy somebody else. Ask me and i'll be willing to tell you lol. Not a big deal though. I dont like to be called a copycat and thats it.

Feeling rather temperamental lately.. prolly because my dog had been pmsing for the past week. She whines at every single thing, bark at any other weird noises and dont run to us anymore. WHATS WRONGGG

look at her bitchy face

SHe's so grumpy.... can someone tell me whats wrong with this bitch??!?!?!

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