Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Bbbbaaaaccckkk Bbbbbaaccckk!

Ms Hong is back from Nagoya and as usual, I cant resist their beautiful snacks, cosmetics, magazines etcc!
Oh yes, most importantly, hairspray!
Im missing the food served there. Its authentic Japanese Meals i swear. Even sushi teh cant outbeat the ones in Japan.
I can spend about $50 singapore in their convenience store with just a small bag!! boohoo.

You will never be able to find such sandwich in singapore or even europe places i guessed because i dont see them around only in Japan! This is easily available in any lawson convenience store. The bread is so soft and the fillings are fresh. I loved their egg mayo and peanut butter and its definitely not the normal peanut butter we ate.

Bought a few of CALBEE sticks back home to munch. Even though i claimed that im on diet. BULLSHIT!


Its like our typical singapore mua chee. I prefer the sg one. =X

My first meal and last meal in Nagoya.
The kosong mochi with red bean soup served chilled is shiok!

Met up with hunney and had carls junior.
I didnt know their onion rings are so huge and superb. OKAY, IM SUAKU. Because im never a big fan of big portion meals.

Hunney finally gave up his cute mazda 2 and went ahead with subaru wrx sti. Hmmmm well... honghong i tell you its 10 times worst than his mazda.. im sure you will puke. When i sat on it, i can feel my boobs and my fat thighs goes BO-ING BO-ING. They will dance and shake up and down. So, imagine the bumpy-ness. Its exciting in a way when the car picks up and accelerate.

This is exactly how his car looks like.

Interior. I dont know if the blue area looks nice.. i thought whole black would be nicer. Anw ni, just sell of the black one.

Recently i had been so grumpy that every minor thing i will grumble probably its the weather .. blame it for being too humid and my work! Im so lost in my business class.. tamade. Its okay, im gona master the skills! and be a cabin goddess haha.

Sorry nini for being cranky towards you.. because im cranky at times.. i tuned myself back to the right channel already haha. Thank you so much for being so understanding! Muacks! Lets tiong together haha. Im no ah lian!

Love hunneyyyyy JO.

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