Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On Leave




Arghh. Im on leave for 5 days and it simply means no money for 5 days. My new roster is out and it sucks terribly. It shows that I havent been praying for good roster but ive been praying for nice people on flight. Feeling depressed with regards to my lousy roster because a good roster means more money. Anyway, look on the brighter side Ms Hong! Yes, though lousy stations, that gives me more opportunity not to spend and gym.

My house is filled with magazines.. bazaar, style, female, her world, cleo, vogue etc etc as long as its fashion magazine, i'd buy. I get so happy when i stepped into kino knowing that new issues are out and cant wait to buy them all and camp somewhere in a quiet corner to enjoy all the designer bags and fashion.

Thanks to all these, im madly in love with
Balmain Jeans for this season


It bloody cost $2000 +++++ I doubt i will ever be so spendthrift to spend this amount in a pair of designer jeans. Its ok, i'll find the inspired one sooner or later haha.

Bags by alexander wang. Apparently, this brand is so famous which i dont know why when the signature bag of his looks something like shower pipe.. (the strap of the bag) not in this pic lah.

And lately i've been so crazy to enter the jewellery shops and ask for solitaire ring.

This is a typical four claws solitaire diamond ring. Personally I think 3 claws one would be nicer. haha. Anyway, checked out the price and hmmmm... reasonable. I was telling hunney that 0.7 carat is BIG enough. haha. Huihong, if there is a chance, i'll tell tc that 0.5 carat is enough for you. LOL. I hope that hunney wont have nightmares night after night ever since I told him bout the solitaire ring. He gona run off trying to pull his pants up. HAHA. No wonder sg guys switched to marrying foreign brides.. sg women are damn scary. Even before marriage mentioned SOLITAIRE RING. Hunney dont run okay, i shall stick with u with a wire ring with stone on top made by you. HAHA.

The next craziest thing im gona do is enter sincere shop and have a good look at geneve watches. I swear i will buy one chanel watch for myself and either a bvlgari or swiss crono or patek or any geneve watch for my future husband. ok wait till i save till there first then say.

my favv !!

HH and jol, wait till i fa da i get you smth good and u girls graduates better get me something good when ure a vp of whatever. I wana be a VP of my future house. HAHA.

The feeling is good, to stay home and play my ds and read my book and blog n listen to jazz!!! im gona buy another disc from high society. Hehhh.

Thanks hunney for always entertaining my solitaire ring and watches and bags.

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