Wednesday, February 10, 2010

cant wait to come back

Congratulations to those leaving the airline. Last time jumping slides, the last time jumping out of the damn aircraft into a 3m deep pool with waves, grabbing and climbing up to the rafts with the help of the guys grabbing the asses to push us up.

They are set free from the wayang-ness, lonliness and the super damn fake people that you have to depend on for that period. What's worst is you cant even depend on them. YOU ARE ALL ALONE.

This is stupid. Sometimes i think i am too naive to make a conclusion of someone's persona in merely few days. They will leave you to die. DAMN.

You know, most likely people will tend to say fucking leave since you have so many unhappiness. Everywhere is the same except that mine is a lil too extreme and its a challenge to undergo such trauma. Till date i cant believed that im quite strong to endure (the most hide under the blanket and cry in the hotel room).

At the end of the day, im still loving this job till i find a good opportunity.

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