Monday, September 7, 2009


Good noon everyone! Tomorrow I'm heading off to auckland and I be back on saturday morning :) Am on my way right now to gym at great world city. I made a deal with hunney to see who will reach at body fat of 15 faster. Ms HOng gonna show him that his gf is not a NATO (no action talk only) and of course I feel the need to lose abit of weight for like at least 5kgs and in addition this time round with some toned abs if possible hoho. I WAS a sports person so don't think that ehh this bimbo sure anot.I'm using my bb for the first time to blog while on my way to gym! Its sucha great companion! Hoho girls the next time u all meet me pls go ahead and be late because I won't bw lonely with my bb haha. I shall blog more when I'm back home loves!

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