Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I tell myself that tomorrow I MUST HAVE KOI BUBBLE TEA!

Its been a long long time that I've blogged.

As we grow older, things changed, different expectations, different needs, different wants, different perspective.

I can be literally direct/straight into the face when i make any comments and i meant no harm and no evil thoughts. It just blurt out because I tend to say what i feel and what i think without holding back. There are times people dont see where I'm coming from and ended up I will appear as one "not supportive" friend.

Time flies, satisfied, (because i bought all ive wanted) and one thing for sure, material needs is never ending. oops im slapping myself.

People come and go in my life and who's next? you'll know and i'll know.

OOOHHH OHHH, i received a sms today

"Hi dearies, Max and I will be ending our courtship on 31 OCT 2010 to be pronounced as ex bf and ex gf. And do i have the honour to invite you to be my bridesmaid for that day."

IM GOING "WOW! WOW! IM GOING TO BE A BRIDESMAID!!!!!!!!! so i can imagine the day if im a bride. =xxxxx Anyways, the main thing is, im going to be a bridesmaidddddddd!!!!!!! This is the kind of happiness (deep from my heart) that I want in wishing and congratulating a friend's big day. Indeed im honored. I told her, for sure we must kill the guys on that day because the guys are seriously annoying. I cant wait to see them in deep shit.


Im glad my bff found a decent and 24 xiao (siao??? i dont know yet) boyfriend. No wonder no time to drink milo peng gao with me. haha. But u're still there to listen to my whines. Love.

Another woman, ms wong, stop smsing your god damn tech crew. I, miss hong anti tech crew. (green tea please, mocha pls, straitstimes, topgear, cw1 etccc.. play with the aircraft gear lah) LOL KIDDING. I hope the next time i see you, you are not smsing. And update me !

ok, blogger is giving me problems today and i CANT UPLOAD MY HANDSOME HUN'S PICTURE.

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