Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I probably woke up on the wrong side of the bed. The moment I stepped out of the house I knew its going to be a BAD BAD day.

The slightest thing on earth irritates the hell out of me. Things were not as good as before. I felt as if im suffering from menopause. I dont enjoy every second of everyday. There will always be this idiot to ruin my day with nonsensical stuff.
Why would I care if you have this this this, that that that or not? ok fine, maybe im picking at that idiot or i have reached my tolerance limit and it exploded.

There came another idiot who is so egoistic and I had to suck my own thumb end of the day. I realize at this point of time if you need a job to secure your daily needs (which average person doesnt?), you have to start building up your net worth.
How much is my net worth????? Definitely not valuable but am building. Well, im surprised that people with a net worth of $0 was asked to stay. I totally cannot understand what are they thinking when a fellow with a net worth of $0 cannot perform and keep repeating mistakes????? oh god. None of my biz anyway. Its just a thought.

**What's the point of feedback when the feedback is not taken into consideration?

SIBEI LAME. (I'm addicted to my brother's quote)

Another idiot that is ME. I regretted taking leave on my birthday when I have no plans. I am home on the EVE OF MY BIRTHDAY.

7 pm - reached home

8-9.30pm - fell asleep on sofa and drooled till my neckline area together with my dog

9.30 - 10pm - channel 8

and here I am blogging.

I should have cancelled my leave and resume back to work and not adding my backlog. I can foresee another day of no peace phonecalls despite sending emails to them to inform them that ISABEL IS ON FUCKING LEAVE. Is either they dont read their emails or they are simple TI KI (STUBBORN IN HOKKIEN).

Oh i forgot. Dealer giving me a treat on the day when Im on leave. Thanks but no thanks. LPPL,i have to go. Still planning my itinery on how to celebrate my birthday. Mani & pedi followed by a cup of bubble tea, shopping spree to cure my woes and home sweet home.

On a brighter side, my brother dropped me an sms and made me teared. IM AN EMO FREAK.

brother : Yo sis, wish u happy bday 1st,wkend you stay home. Maybe sat for dinner. I buy some nice crabs and cake and other food...for your bday. No time buy you present. enjoy.

I can see the big change in him ever since he entered the force. He brought me out for some good ice cream last week with his girl friend.

me : why did you go temple every weekend??

brother : to reach enlightenment.

WOW. I dont know what is his real motive so reach enlightenment then reach enlightenment lor.

This friday is the "opening of the tiger's mouth" which means I have to go temple to pray to tiger grandpa (hu ye) to get rid of those little idiots.


I love giogio

key to happiness is KOI!

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