Sunday, December 23, 2007

Recently wasnt feeling too good. Honestly, wasnt that fantastic be it life, studies, friendships and work. I tried to opt for optimism to keep myself from tears but i failed.

Its like one of those nights, you feel so detached from everything, from all feelings even. And you feel so fucked that you wanna let everything go, let them flow. I admit, when loving someone you feel sensitive, about his or her every single move, in fact, just everything about them. EVERYTHING. But yet, loving someone isnt all about being sensitive towards him or her, but also sensitive about his or her feelings.

And today, i pondered to myself, is this love? Instead of all the questioning to him, i should question my HEART and not him. Why do i appear to him that i habour insecurities on him? Ask my heart again.

Till today, im still finding a solution to it. I guessed i'll never find a solution because my brain is just so simple and straight. Im starting to suspect that my eq falls below the average.

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