Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Helloooo allll! Hope you guys had a great Chinese New Year and a lovely Valentine's Day!! Whheeee!

Valentine this year was simple and sweet and lil bit of romantic. Thanks my hunn!
Stayed up till almost dawn to complete the card .. my process was rather slow as i was dozing off! Even in future im busy, i would still attempt to do something for u MR ANG!

Ohhh yaa, i forgot to take the picture of the inside of the personalize card! and together with his present- a duper mini coin pouch. And it can actually contain numerous coins despite its mini size.

Sweet was evilllllll, intending to give me the present only when the movie ended but HAHA. he cant resist giving it to me!

OKayz i looked fat n ugly here.. lousy photographer hoho. =x
Thank youuuuuuuuu nini so much! anw, its also my birthday present i supposed? haha else he'll be damn broke! Just happens that these 2 occasions falls within a month's salary. Im looking forward to my batam tripppppppp..weeetttxzzzzzz...

Am I a very high maintenance girlfriend????? He must be thinking so! Hmm..Its a bonus to receive expensive gifts but even if its a gift that is made with love and it doesnt cost much, i'll be as contented too! take note ok mr ang!
having a bf who loves you deeper than the sea, higher than the sky is the most valuable and priceless gift ever i think.. and i want that too!

Im a pampered bitch by him. BUT BUT BUT WE SAVED ON MEALS!


Romantic coz he drove me out with this car despite my hair was in a mess.
and again, bad day for me to take pics.. or simply the lousy photographer.

Watched CJ7! the alien or dog alien is so cute hoho! if only i have a pet like that.

Im waiting to watch ah long pte ltd soon..

Too much of junk food and caused me to feel so uneasy.. All i felt was bloated with air and gases inside.

Third day of CNY, went party with my bitches and my niiii of coz! He's so dua bek gong mannn after so many invitations previously. Well, work is important i know. Mr Serious In Work.

Pictures time!

I love my sistersss!!! They bring me never ending laughter!

The shots that made us HIGHHHHHHH


Im feeling so lazy.. just wana snuggle up on bed or be a couch potato. And im beginning to look like a potato soon. URGHHH. Worms, bacteria, whatever is wriggling in my tummy. If only i can fart all out at a shot.


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