Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Reunion Dinner!

Hellloooo ! Happy Reunion Dinner!

My fei fei loves to say " Xin Nian Bu Kuai Le" !!! STUPID!

Chinese New Year is one of the important festive seasons for Chinese. New Year marks the beginning of the year in the lunar calendar. The whole year's fortune will depend on how we, Chinese start the New Year.

New Year normally falls in late January or early February, depending on the lunar calendar. We celebrate Chinese New Year for whole fifteen days.

Preparation starts many weeks before. We have to do spring cleaning. Old and unwanted things, such as clothes, furniture, housewares are discarded. In place of them are new clothes, new furniture etc. Also, we have to prepare New Year goodies. Some of us will bake cookies and some of us will purchase from the Supermarket. We believe that more food will signify abundance and prosperity in the new year.

The day before New Year is busy day for all of us. We have to do our last preparation before new year. We have to buy flowers, do last minute shopping etc.

Finally, it is dinnertime. Families have to gather together for a reunion dinner. Some families will have steamboat dinner. Some people will simply go to restaurant for a sumptuous meal. NO matter what, all family members must be present for this special occasion.

The first day of New Year is very important. We believe if we were to start our first day of the lunar year right, good luck would follow us throughout the whole year. Therefore, there are alot of taboos during New Year.
-We are not allowed to sweep the floor for the first day

-Not allowed to wear black and white. 'Black' means bad luck and 'white' is associated with 'death'

-Not allowed to mention the word, "death" or other unauspicious phrases during these days.
-There should not be any quarrels among family members

-One ought not to cry during the New Year

After breakfast, we have to visit our relative's houses. Preferably, we have to wear red because 'red' means good luck. The married couple will put money in the red packets and will be given to the unmarried or the youngs. This is for good luck. The amount of money is normally in even numbers, such as $6, $10 etc

And if you are a junior, you have to take the initative to visit the elders or your senious. Also, you have to offer oranges to your elders or seniors as a sign of respect and good luck. The oranges have to be in pairs as well. This will be a joyous occasion for the youngs and the olds.

Wahhh im so full! i had steamboat dinner, sharksfin, chengteng, and awfully chocolate cake and a can of SARSI. And when i walk, i felt so chunky and heavy, feeling so fat!! If only someone can help me suck out my fats and oil so that i can squeeze in nini's mom handmade pineapple tarts, bak kwa, candies, all the good food!

Amazing!~~~~ Japanese are so damn creativee and talented. I think the most i can ever make is a stickman or maybe a doraemon that made up of many circles and circles. HAH.

Nini loves canned rambutan!! he finished many cans of rambutan no wonder he looked like big rambutan.

Thank goodness im leaving soon, the moment i saw lao fo ye's coaching notes, it would make me felt so annoyed. Is always all those housekeeping matters and certain things are just so common sense... lao fo ye! where's your common sense? or you only know how to go pat tor?

I have yet to paint my toe nails eh Hong jie jie! I decided to leave it like that because the shoes im going to wear will be covering my toe nails. Im so afraid to spoil my hand-made nails. boooo

Im waiting to go loyang and pray to dua bei gong and chinatown to try to get a feel of the atmosphere. My mom seems busy non-stop. She never sit down a min to rest the whole day. She seems to have endless of chores to do. I wished to help her and all she tell me was, you help me fix my hp first. So, i spent the whole day trying to call starhub n nokia.

I think my hunn is more concerned bout the doggies more than me!!! out of 10, 9 ques are all about the doggies! so sad =( i no longer interest him. pooofff

i predict there will be alot of black chicken feets walking around singapore.

my new year resolution, to get married in a few years. hOH.

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