Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i was hurt by the demeaning words. The words that ive never received for the past year. I thought things turned out great and fab but i was wrong. No one really understands me. Thinking differently leads to a separate way, broken heart, rolling tears.

I felt like a clown. A fool to many. As always.

I felt so small and insignifant to many, with no real talent inbuilt within me.

The candle that always lit me up is being blown away, leaving me in the dim darkest corner ever.

I could no longer find smiles and happiness in my life. I dont know what is the real happiness in life. Is money really everything? Is love everything? and tell me, what is everything that you could hold on for life?

Not even your beautiful youth.

Appearing naive to many, paranoid to many, full of complaints to many. Living in this world arent beautiful as what i thought. Life is a dread. Full of worries, woes and sadness.

Sometimes Im a waste of resources. Not sometimes, ALWAYS.

Im incapable of anything.

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