Monday, January 28, 2008


Helloooo!! long time since ive updated!

Im feeling so nauseous mannn.. and ive puked out the chicken wings, milk tea, peanut butter toast that i had with huihong and her love. Whenever i see her, i must buy things or else i will feel damn itchy and add on, if she buys anything, im more tempted to buy too!! bad influence!!!!!! peer pressure and peer influence! haha BAD MAMA HONG.

I wanted to play tennis with them toooo =( but due to working hours constraint..

my nini making noise again because i dont update my blog and im always sleeping late and he'd hear whining bout my complexion from me then he will start " you always say you wanted to sleep before 11pm and then becomes 1am etcc... blaahhhh " and when i got craving for chicken wings or any junk food, he will not stop me and if i grumble bout myself being or getting fat, he will start saying "who ask you to keep eating and if i stop you from eating you will get unhappy" hahaha im hard to please.. i know.

A month back,

motor car show again..

Malaysian racing queen... abit erm.. hahaha u know what i mean uhhh

I dont know what car is that.. some malaysian car

This is so not realistic hahh...why would a normal driver place their screens in the boot???!?!

Hunney trying to race..and he lost... booohhooo it wasnt easy thoughh not as easy as the ones in arcade-daytona =D

I love suzuki lapin (rabbit in french) its a small puny vintage car

Lousy poser i am! poooffff

Lapin's interior..

Oh yes! Went to watch Maria Sharapova tennis game. Somehow Hun got it for free from camp and weeee heee exciting match with... i cant rem the opponent's name hah

Poor ball pickers, they got to squat throughout the match haha ..

Needless to say, Sharapova won! Yay thats what i wanted.

I need to sleep now and will update moreeeee... feeling nauseous/// urrrggghhh hope i can sleep well! nice meeting up with you hong mama !!

I miss my hunn..... you busy OLD MAN.

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