Friday, January 11, 2008

sad girl


Hehh cheesy baked rice for you hunney!

Sorry for not updating my blog because my blog needs pictures and im waiting for you to send me!!! I dont like wordy blog as my language is not pow-der-ful and the pictures says it all!

This week had been a hectic week for my sweet hun and only managed to meet him like once... even though for that short while, you made me gained like 300 calories or even more??? hahha.
I hope you'll have enough rest!

I was assigned to do quite a "number" of statutory audits and i wana throw the whole pile of things at her. There was no communication between them. Its really fucked up and annoying when there is no communication, things get messy and everything is so unorganised. For the whole fucking week all i received was scolding from the corporate secretary side. HELLO, im doing what i was instructed to do and im just following my orders!!! You have no right to scold me like i killed your whole family. You dont need to give me the super duper black face like i owed you money. Im so pissed and i dont wish to be always being cursed by some people whom i dont know either through the phone or right infront of me. Im carrying out my task too not only you corp secs are busy. When you assigned things for us to do and to be efficient and effective, please ensure that things done are not double work, double effort. If you are so free to surf your bloody forum then do the stat review yourself! All you know is behave like a dog, sticking your tongue out and wagging your tail infront of your... i wont say its owner but someone whom can back you on. If you think you can finish everything within this week, why not you try doing it yourself? Im just so unwilling to do things for you. Although im paid to do such shit jobs at such a low level, i shouldnt be complaining but i still felt that i dont deserve the scoldings for a week and you are not doing your job properly and to think you still expect people to respect you and follow your orders?

Okays, im feeling very fed up and lost. I do not know what i want in my career. Im too lost to do anything right now, right this moment. Why am i not loving my current job? What makes me feel so dreaded and so sad to go work everyday? Im like a walking corpse feeling so deadly in office. I dont feel the drive or motivation to apply what ive learnt for the 20 years of my education. Everyday i'll received a call from this kang tao senior... asking me bout the client stuff etc.. how the fucking hell i know! I know nuts bout this company background, i emailed the client and if they dont revert back to me isit my business? You are calling me everyday.. even the whole dept knows you are looking for me. Whats so important that you cant wait? The job is not even next week for god sake.

im venting my anger.

POOFFFFF boiling blood!

I received email and call from SIA for the final interview and im wondering how isit like. Met my mom in the noon for some cny shopping and she bought everything in a day! Shopping with my mom was great.. not that she paid for me its just... i did accompany her and make her day! Bumped into this girl who was in the same grp as me during the previous interview. She and me was the only survivor in the grp for the interviews. She had her final interview on tues and she told me that she didnt make it to the final and taadaa there goes her dream. Its really not easy or i should say its very tough to enter SIA to be their trademark SINGAPORE GIRL. So i supposed, i cant make it through either. I shall stop pinning hopes on it and might as well use this time to think of what i should do other than audit.


Anyhooos, i bought new heels from pazzion and uber cheap dress with diamante. Far east plaza clothes are seriously over priced! I rather get from miss selfridge, zara or topshop even though topshop ones are abit overpriced too. Far east outlets offer lousy quality clothes that are all from bkk and even if its of silk, its too highly over... I hate charles and keith.. they are so popular for cheap shoes to the extend that whatever design i want for my size, its out of stock. But pazzion shoes are really nice.. esp their flats and pumps.

cute toy poodle yeaa??

im discussing with hunn if we should buy a dog... hurrr.. i have to consider seriously as its a life involved, the commitment, the responsibilities. I dont want to purchase it in a moment of cuteness of the dog and moment of folly. I dont wish to abandon it. My rabbit under the care of some other rabbit care takers told me that my rabbit passed away. so sad. died of kidney failure.... T_T. was it my fault? ..... dont know... i didnt anyhow feed my rabbit previously. . they said that its most likely due to the breeding of the rabbit so its the breeder fault .. its the pet shop's fault..for selling me a "problem" rabbit and caused me to feel so guilty. Sigh karma man!

This is my trademark....I want to be a happy girl with no woes and worries!


Lastly, I PhotobucketYou Hunney...

I need to tell you something.

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