Thursday, October 23, 2008

back from auckland

Vitamins for me to get rid of my bacteria!$R$T%^

RAHHHH RAHHHHH RAHHH my ears and nose are killing me!!! I'm estimating my throat and neck to be 40 Degrees Celsius 85 Degrees Fahrenheit with light showers down my nose. The route to my mouth is badly conjested and thus i'm using PIE to get my phlegm out of my nose.

I'm back from Auckland. TOLONG TOLONG dont give me auckland again i tell you!!!(whoever that kept giving me auckland) or else i will curse and swear until you have bad dreams in the middle of the night. Or maybe my other half spiritual soul will whisper into your ears while you're sleeping. Tough one! I couldnt sleep in peace because i switched on my tv loud as if im not alone, i switched on all the lights that is available in my room, i switched off my aircon to 0 degree and later decided to on it again at low fan speed with 30 degrees. And i realised with that 30 degrees, it felt so much better than not switching on aircon. It has a fucking GMT of +12 and because its going to summer,which means the local time there is 5 hours ahead of our singapore time. Their morning 7am was our 2am. Bloody hell, im having my breakfast at 2am?!!??! I will be fat to death. So tell me, im supposed to have breakfast or supper? Okays, i have a wonderful spread of breakfast buffet in the hotel.

I had all you can think of bout breakfast buffet despite my bad flu, headache and fever. I had scramble eggs, bacon, egg omelette(basically all eggs you can think of coz im a egg lover), pancake with maple syrup, sausages, apple juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, tomato juice and i dont drink that. Freshly toast wheat and grains bread with a wide spread of jams, peanut butter and my nini's favourite nutella! oh yes, my fav butter spread. I had a total of 5 egg benedict!!! Im so addicted to egg benedict mannnnnn !!! woohhh COUNTING CALORIES WHICH EATING. =(

Call me a suaku or obasan okay! I've never eaten an egg benedict before or maybe i had just that i wasnt so knowledgeable to know that its called an egg benedict.
Consist of one slice of muffin bread with ham, poached egg (the poached egg is half cooked with the yellooow yolk bursting and oozing out) and cheese with some sour thingy that makes it sour. Its DAMNNN DAMMNNN disgustingly nice i tell you! Yes, i had muesli cereal with soy milk. Shiok shiok shake bom bom.

I couldnt sleep at all and finally breakfast comes and after breakfast i fell aslp but its not totally asleep. How pathetic. Woke up at 5 pm and headed off to the gym and shed some calories off. yayyy.

Anyhoos, back to my flu. Im feeling so terrible and i dont want to spend my off day home feeling like a sick cat popping pills and gulping down bottles and bottles of water. Im not on drugs. Nor i want to be a panadol addict.

I was reading some magazines in my room and found out that washing the inside of your vagina will upset the ph balance and will cause an overgrowth of yeast or bad bacteria and create more smell. So in short, they are telling us not to wash our vaginal and keep our vaginal smelly. HURHUR.

And yes, i bought a new handphone!! I'm depressed that my 02 is spoilt and that was a gift from my hun hun.. im gona bring it back home and keep it in my womb haha. I shall display the hp in my glass cabinet.
I bought a samsung omnia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAY NO TO IPHONE. I was pissed that hun prefers iphone. Nvm, i always do the opposite, i dont like to have a common phone though omnia is also common. However, not as common as iphone and what omnia has iphone dont have. HURHUR i got a sexy hp to complement together with me and makes me even sexier.

Big damage! Sexy no use lahhhhhhh pok kai already.


AINT HAPPY. No new bag no new wallet, my new watch with my hun. Stupid nini. Never return. Dont try to use this chance to seize my watch.

Im going to declare bankrupt. =(

Then my nini will start to nag and scold at me for complaining no new bags etc.. i do agree material goods are never enough. =(

Hehhh so nice uhhhh! Hugssss!! Gona recover from my flu. Ciaoz. Looking forward to saturday and meeting my bitches. Remember, chanel. *wink*

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