Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ohaiyo!!! I'm so sick of the fast food and i had the craving for kueh kueh~~my kueh lapis, 9 layer sticky kueh, kueh tu tu, pandan cake. Reminds me of bengawan solo~~~

Chinese styled Kueh tutu!

Malay styled kueh tutu!

Frankly speaking, the malay ones are nicer especially you love the brown sugar coconut.

Miss Hong is back from Osaka-Japan. SHIOK TO THE MAX. It would be even better if im there with my hun hun and friends.

HeH. My Geisha

The night view of the shopping district. Namba.

The rack of 3Gs handphones. All of them were flipped phones. You seldom see them using nokia nor samsung. All the sleek pink black n pearl white phones, basically of all colours including their cameras. When you see it, you'll feel so elated over it haha.

Vending machines everywhere. They sell beautiful packaging of drinks, all sorts of drinks. Slurps! Even ciggy has got vending machines with classic atas packaging too!

FA CAI MAO. Loto shop. Heng heng ah!

My favourite! Dont look at my face, i just touched down and i looked so shag though the load is light. Blame it on my face. Damn cabin pressure.

Traveled to Kyoto to visit the shrines. Train ride was rather long and expensive.

The 11th storeys high Isetan in Kyoto.

The takopachi is so much bigger compared to singapore's.

Machines and technologies everywhere makes it so damn convenient and efficient!
Drop the coins and you'll get your food! I do keep the train tickets and food tickets ok!

Check out this hot piping ramen!

On the way up to the shrine. Suddenly cant remember the temple's name. Doesnt matter anyway. HaHHAA. people always commented that they went paris's arch blah blahhh and i told them i nv been there before and ended up i realised i've actually been there before and its just that i never cared bout the names of the places. I shall learn to do some research before i visit one country and better take note of the places.

Traditional trishaw rider.

Cleansing off my sins for always bitching. =X

Magnificent temple.

Wishing plates. I dont know if its called that hahaa. Just write your wishes and hang it there lah!

GEISHAS! I supposed these are fake geishas! Because the real ones dont reveal themselves to the public. Have you ever wondered if geishas are prostitutes? or do they provide extra service? Find out!

The golden temple. Built to worship a .... a... i think its a monk but they dont use monk to describe. Anyhooosss doesnt matter haha. Not like im learning some history though its good to know!

Entrance ticket and we were joking bout us being zombies in the temple. AN OFFENCEEEEEEEEE !! NO RESPECTTTTT!!! alright, karma uh!

Wishing for eternity and good health. And goddamn me, i threw rupees instead of yen coz yen is expensive!!!! HOHO. Didnt know im so kiam siap right?!?! XD

We're on the bullet train! I sat with a japanese hunk. Hoho. He doesnt seemed happy that a babe is sitting next to him hahaha. See my ifs and crew behind mocking? =)

Dinner! Grilled fish

Sashimi though i dont eat it. NOt for me.


Beef~~~ive been eating alot of beef lately. Its bad...

Remember this cheesecake? its so famous here and its always long queue.

Jackpots and toy machines everywhere~~~ happening uh.

Nahhhh tadaaa their ciggy vending machine. NIce packaging uh!

They sell fucking irresistibly nice beef bowls.

Their eggs is always half cooked.

Muji!!! 3 storeys high. Its cheaper in singapore definitely!

This crabby restaurant, set up a roaadside stall outside the restaurant and barbeque the fresh crabby. 2 small ones for $7 sing. Worth the money because its so fleshy and delicious with the CHAP oozing out!

Thats Japan.

I had always been a big fan of Japanese characters. LOve! I know you girls hate hello kitty haha but i love!

My bitch being emo... because we dont feed her what we eat!

Oh oh, i bought about 2 kgs of snacks back from Japan. Their packaging are so cute and i cant resist buying them. And one blue label burberry wallet for my mom. =)

Drinks packaging like this and im loving them. Im a kid at heart.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BELOVED HUNNEY JO NINI ! This is the 2nd year we celebrated together though this year was not on the exact date but just a day after =). Im contented. He took many leaves to accompany me this period im so glad to see him everynow and then. MISS WONG YALI, IM FREE ALREADY! coz previously i was busy doing stuff for my hun's bday and very soon we will meet! and worst of all, our off days dont really meet. =(

I bought him a Prada sunglass and now he has a full set of sunglass~~~ one for beach, one for sports, one for shopping.

His Louis Vuitton birthday cake

He's a happy boy XD

Blowing the candles. Happpy pea!

I wana be a queen!!!!!!

My plan was to have a fine dining at Novus at national musuem. Happy pea wants to have something else instead and so we headed off to SHOKUDO, a japanese food bazaar at raffles city. Its marche styled.


Ultra thin pizza with mackerel flaks.

Japanese Carbonara

Omelette with bacon and cheese

Sukiyaki spicy seafood soup

Yayyyy enjoying!

Enjoyed the moments!

Didnt know in singapore i can take nice view too.

My happy pea presents!

So sweet uh my pea made this for me!!!! YOOHOOOOOOO. And im a happy bean. LOL.

My babes, we meet up soon soon! Dinner, digging one another's secrets blah blahhhh !!!

And, wong yali, shopping okay!

I'll never forget my friends even though i always blogged bout my bf. =X

I love u hun, i love you girls. HUGS.

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