Sunday, November 16, 2008

madame tussaud

I'm so occupied with errands that I've got no time to blog!

Back from Amsterdam and Brisbane. If i have the time, i'll blog on the wonderful time spent in Brisbane with my beloved Cyan.


It was my second time to Ams and I had alot of places of interest yet to be visited!

Nice decorative for X'mas =)

This is what everyone is saying.. THE MAGIC MUSHROOM, it keeps you happy, stress free and high. HAHA smoke POT!

I spent my halloween there and many groups walked round the town scaring people and it seemed like a town full of dead people.

I loved their fries! huge chunky fries with loads of mayonaise.

I went Madame Tussaud wax musuem though i supposed other countries are better.


its beautiful.. =)


I was thinking for sometime if i should post this picture because by posting this picture, it made me looked fugly ugly compared to princess diana. I wana be a pretty girl. i wana be a hot babe. If only i can have nude face like them. =(


Ah ma!!!! Smoking is bad for health! Dont smoke!!!!!

I wana thank my supporters and citizens of ali baba land for supporting me and voting me. Here comes the new president of ali baba land. =x I know its not funny.


I cant remember who is he.. anyways, some old singer that is super hip.

Walau, cant see my fake plaits. So sad. Im trying very hard... to play... and i looked frigging ugly.

Michael Jackson wana bring me to his wonderland. thheee hee

Spicey girls. HAh.

Robbie Williams *cheeky smile* I know my hun hun will not be jealous he's so DA FANG!

Albert Einstein.

Let me sing!

James Bond 007 and i shall be his personal assistant! No matter what, i used to be part of charlie angels for my graduation play. hurhur.

Charlie Chaplin. So real!


Ms Oprahh

Quantam of the Solace

First bf: Joseph Ang
Second bf: Robbie Williams
Third bf: Justin Timberlake


Honto honto!

Nini loves Gummms.

Recently had been eating takopachi and auntie Anne cinammon sugar! The thought of it makes me droolll

Went out with hunney to shop for a shirt to attend wedding.

Waiting for

He's waiting patiently ^_^

We love ice cream waffles!

my bitch!

Went to Jol's 21st partyyy

I brought her along thheee

The Birthday girl making a wish for a bf! haha just joking. =X

The birthday girl! I'll get your pressie in japan okay babe!

We had a quick lunch at Ashtons!

Finally! I had the chance to fly to Brisbane weeettttsss. I met my beloved Cyan over there. The moment i touched down, reached hotel, showered and off i go to meet her! I swear its damn tiring but its all worth it. We rented a car and off we go to gold coast. She's good man, drove me to gold coast, an hour ride.


I love Cyan! Despite having a major exam the next day, she accompanied me for a full whole day and the day after my dreamworld. Thank you babe. Im so touched!

money money money..

Gold Coast beach! though it was summer and its hot in the day i didnt expect the night to be so chilly. Thank god she had an extra pull over to lend me. Shopped and shopped n eat!!!!

We had cold rock ice cream!!!! it rocks. I had tim tam n brownie stir fry with honey comb ice cream. *slurps*

The next day went Dreamworld with the crews. My fucking god, it was so long since i last played the amusement park. It was so scary. I was so afraid i will fly off the roller coaster ride.

This is crazy! When i was so high up, i cant scream out.. which left me ponder why. Isit some pressure or something? But when it comes lower, im able to scream. Weird.

Wipe Out. This ride totally wipe me out man. Geesh! It felt as if im in a washing machine. It made me so queasy and felt like puking.

Tester seat.

Feeding kangeroos! They are so tame.

Koala Bear!!! I took a personal picture with Koala Bear named Lola! When im free i shall scan and upload.

Tasmania! Evil

The ride is DAMN high up!!!!!!!!!!! Probably 5000ft man.

high high into the sky!

I swear its so scary!!!!!!!! HUO CHU QU le lah! Die then die man. And i survived !!


Watched Madagascar with hunney

I like to move it move it. You like to move it move it move it. We like to move it move it move it.

Everybody around me are all planning to go on a holiday to hongkong. hmmm so going bangkok isnt a good deal?


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