Friday, November 7, 2008

We're going to the ZOO!


Dinner at Jurong Bird Park! We had wild food!~

How excited he is to eat the WILD!

I loved the crispy wings XD

With Birdie~~

Im so timid oh gosh!! I dont dare to go near the owl!!! Im afraid it will peck and attack my face. Hoh.

Oh yes, I havent mention why the hell am i in bird park? Hun hun bought tickets of Sing to The Dawn which will be screen outdoor in Jurong Bird Park. How exciting! First time outdoor screening sounds so retro in the olden days.

The movie started!!!!

It was a short but educating movie. I still remembered the times when I was forced to read this book in secondary school for my literature and i always thought literature was easy and its all bout crapping. Well tell me im wrong. HAh.

Penguins waved bye to me. =)


Showing off his present.


We're going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo, How bout you you you? You can come too too too! We're going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo!!!!~~~~

Hun brought me to Singapore Mandai Zoo on my off day~~~ Yiipppie. It was 10 years since I last went to the Zoo. Missing the childhood days. I dont wanna grow up. =(

We've reached!

Ticketing booth. Queuing up and Im starting to feel so humid and hot.

You are not taller than a seal. Come'on!

So human of them.

They can be loving as well. Hur hur.

Polar Bear! Check out the huge ass.

Look how humongous the polar bear is thee hee

Poor thing, the fur looked so dirty =(

We're on a tram ride!!


He loves elephant.

He's laughing at the wood block for being a boh gey! hohoho so evil!

Papa Baboon and Mama Baboon

One scratching for another. No, its not scratching. In fact he is picking out dirty kutus or dirty stuff from another's back. Amazing!

Baboon's backside. Looked like heart shaped uh!?

This boy tried to make funny faces at this baboon and the baboon got so angry and agitated and bang the glass panel. OMG. So scary lah, i was so afraid that the baboon will try ways and means to attack us.

i wanna be a second baboon. -.-

Went to the Splash show. The seal is smart! claps claps

White tiger! XinYu is wondering how come there's no orange tiger?? Im missing the orange tiger!

how i wish the whole tiger eat him up.

Find out how tapir exist.

Cute otters

The little girl is so short can!! OMG.

They really go meh meh! Goatieesss

Auntie, hows life?

Hehe im choosing clothes.... hmmm..hmm

Tadaaaa i chose this!

"Wah im so shag"!

Save some mashed potatoes for me!

Ben and Jerry's ice cream! XD

This is just the crocodile's tail okay!

EEwwww so disgusting! freaked me out!



i cant remember its cheetah or leopard mannn all of them looked so similar

Ostrich! Hunney loves the ostrich

Beautiful zebras


Ah meng we love you!


Master Wu Gui

The Sun Bear! The sun bear loves honey and it uses its paw to pick honey up and into their mouth! Loves XD

Off today, went to have my top changed, went to trimmed my brows had lunch with the babes, drinking nai cha and chicken cutlets, gossiping and shopping wheee oooo wheeee! Im waiting for standby to be called up. I wonder if they will call me booohoooo yet to repaint my nails. My nails are friggin ugly. Thank you babies for the sweet date!

Gonna read my book ciaoz! I shall update my amsterdam pictures soon =)

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