Monday, February 9, 2009

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!

I know its abit too late but still, i managed to greet everyone within the cny period and today is the last day. HOHO. I have alot of things to blog about and i dont know where to start from.

Probably just pictures to do the talking. =)

my cousins and me =)

my bitch cny new dress!

Unglam image of myself playing wii feet! Its so fun!! hurr you have to use your body weight to play the games. XD


oh yes, i gotta thank these 2 babes for coming down to hun's chalet. Greatly appreciated!


talking bout my hunney, he fell sick recently and i felt so bad for not showering enough care for him and im just a selfish bitch who only cares for herself. =(

my fit fit hunneyyyy

if im as fit as him and not so nua, i'd probably have a figure like ... angelina jolie.

Sumptuous steamboat.

Giogio loves sun tanning! She's a beach babe okie


imagine how cold it is...

The cutest village ever.

i loved the soldiers so muchhhhhh but they're way too expensive!

The famous apple strudel with vanilla sauce.

Went heidi land and due to the weather, heidi house is closeddd #$^#%#$ and there's no lambbbbsss... booohoooo

Valentine's Day is around the corner and i hope my valentie will recover by then. =)

Gonna rest for turnaround tmr.

c ya.

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