Monday, February 16, 2009

Beautiful cookies. Its a bimbotic cookie. -.-

I cant wait for my leave to come and before anticipating my leave i will get a oven asap in order to bake something edible. Whenever i step into any bookstores, i will have the urge to buy all the cooking recipes. And pls dont get me an oven as my birthday present just becoz i mentioned it. I will kill anyone of you if you get me one.

I found the culprit who stole my fake lashes!! This tiko pek stole my precious lashes and claim to be the General of Japan. HAHA. He looked more like a mang ka li's ic photo.

He's imagining himself to be part of hugo boss's guys.

My valentine's day present. weeeee! im close to wiping it almost everyday. LOL.
Thank you hunney i loved it so muchhh!!! *huggss*

Having dinner over @ Modesto! I loved their thin crust pizza so muchhhhhhh so that whenever i have it, it brings me up to heaven. If im not on diet i'd prolly eat up the whole regular size pizza that has 8 slices of it.

WOaHHH slurps again

My batch girl and my batch boy! stanley was my secondary school senior~~the world is so small!

Happy Birthday Limin! Had a GIRLS NIGHT OUT @DBLO

The birthday girl is tipsy and is disturbing me from using my hp.

Usual unglam pose. Hahh

It had been so long since we last kissed. XD

I think this is soooo damn cute and natural.

I have alot more to go but i shall post these few.. the uploading process is killing me!

I must use cleanser and facial wash everynight and apply spa, mask and toner.
I must remove my nail polish when i have at least 2 days off.
I must finish my calcium pills that my hunney bought for me or else he will pour it out and count if i have consume it.
I must make it appoint to visit the gym thrice a week and not waste his membership and shed off a few kilos and attain angelina jolie's figure.
I must apply body butter and moisturiser to my body after each shower.
I must save as much money as I can in case i need to buy a designer bag =X
I must clear my stuff that is lying around the house so that my stuff dont go missing.
I must send my roster to you people especially my hunney promptly.

This is not a new year resolution okays! I feel the need to erase such unhealthy habits in my lifestyle.

Alrights, gotta go! tomorrow i still need to jump into the pool from a height for my recurrent training. booohhooooo... the thought of it makes me having cold feet.

wait, before i go off, i wana announce to everyone that i have a craving for Balestier TAU SA PIAH

i prefer the sweet one! im not hinting anyone!

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