Monday, March 16, 2009

back to blogging!


I'm back to blogging. A number of events to blog about. Sad ones though.

I shall post it in the next entry. I just changed my blogskin. I hate the word supergirl.. dont know what the F. is that and it seems abit childish.

I changed my blog song to Flightless Bird, soundtrack from Twilight. I emphasize that I'm not a FAN FAN of twilight etc... I find this soundtrack soothing so in case you think im one of those teenager freakos. Its rather a nice story to read.. still..i find the actress too "guai" for the guy. hoho. Im into chick flicks. -.-.

Gona sleep now and gym tomorrow with the girls.

Know what, i think im the worst woman on earth. The ultimate nua-ess woman. I totally missed my driving thinking that its the day after. I cant seemed to keep track of dates and time. I have some disciplinary problem in life. What a sad case. I think my bf hates me for all these. Still, i love my bf. =) no matter how much he hates me.

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