Friday, March 27, 2009



I was talking to this secondary school guy friend. He often msn me just to send me songs .. this is funny okie! and the last time we met was during the release of o levels result. Whenever he msn me is just to send me songs then he will tell me bout life. He is single lahhh ever since secondary school and i think i can intro him to joleen. LOL.

pyl says:
any way
pyl says:
u noe ur house
pyl says:
there the bubble tea
pyl says:
dam nice sia
pyl says:
i ask u
pyl says:
wat if u get fat
pyl says:
will ur incharge kick u out?

haha okay this is not the important part.

pyl : hey i got something to tell you

me: what again this time round

pyl: you know ytd my friend force me to dbl o and i tell you, its really a shag place

pyl: the girls in club are horrible, they lie on the floor and after knowing for half an hr can kiss already. Not that they are pretty but they are so NORMAL looking. You know what i mean right.

me: errr.... not all girls are like that lah

pyl: i know and i never like such places.. i think the girls there are horrible or rather the girls nowadays...

pyl: if your bf go club i think the girls sure go and lie infront of him

me: if that ever happens, i think my bf will ignore them because he very bao shou one

pyl: yah he looked like doctor sia

me: then im the nurse! haha

me: i trust my bf that if ever he goes club or somewhere with his friends and he ever know any new woman, he will still love me and choose to be with me and wont have anything to do with the newly made friend but just friends.

pyl: bf cheat professionally = nv cheat

me: fuck you lah not all like that.

pyl: maybe not your bf lah or probably my friends are all jerks which i cannot stand.

me: will you be gay then? lol

pyl: i rather love my bicycle than a guy.

OKay.. this is the brief conversation that i had with him not long back.

it actually made me ponder .. the society is so terrible right now.. woman having sex with people they just know.. and the guy cheat behind the gf or wife etc.. i seriously think this is a big issue.

even the fact is so ugly right now, happening out there, i still do believe in my guy being faithful to me and a i love you, u love me and a happy ending. Even the stupid tv drama is showing that the 3 housewives' husband had women outside. Are all guys so bastard out there? nowadays it doesnt only applies to married man but even the single guys who are attached.

but i do believe good guys still exist. its just their upbringing, their character and how firm they all. Probably some by influence.. i dont know... anyway, please dont get paranoid after reading it loll.. im just stating how sad the society is and how human behave like a beast.

Anyway, listen to me, love someone wholeheartedly, being faithful and you'll get back the same... its karma lah.. KARMA. haha my karma theory. People just need to learn to be contented with the amount of money they have, the current lifestyle and even the love ones who stand by them through thick n thin. (human must be contented with how pretty or how ugly their gf/bf is) there's no point in leaving the current for a better because the better might not be the BETTER one.

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