Tuesday, March 17, 2009

San Francisco

When you go states what must you do???? HAVE AMERICAN BREAKFAST!

So, im here at Louis, this restaurant having my american breakfast =)

This restaurant has the concept of billy bombers.. the retro style with audrey hepburn pictures and vintage cars.


crumpler vending machine. its huge!!!

after a day of shopping, we settled our dinner at my favourite CHEESECAKE FACTORY! we were so busy shopping that i didnt even take pictures of the streets.

the mountain of caesar salad.

and of course the highlight of the restaurant - Oreo cheesecake.
I regretted never da bao few slices more back to my room.

abit of cam-whoring in the room. HOHO.

I shall talk abit bout my shopping

i bought this mineral wash tee weee at a dirt cheap price.

A mac nude lipstick at 14 USD.

Lingerie from Victoria Secrets.

there's another one with satin material but i couldnt find the pic online..sooo hahaa only my hunney will be able to see it. wooohoo. X-RATED. =x

Back in hongkong and we found the hongkong cafe... cha chang ting.

its like die die a must to have the gong zai mee aka maggi mee with luncheon meat and eggs. ITS DELICIOUS esp with chilli oil. SLURPS.

Finally this ray ban pink with gold aviator is in my hands! On my way back to hongkong i was so upset n regretted that i didnt buy it in states however, i found it and got it at a real cheap deal. YAY!

train to THE PEAK

retro tram

Went to Mdm Tussaud Museum Hongkong!

see how i whack you! ahhh---taaaa!!!

Celebrity lehhh, gotta siam the reporters and gou zai dui HOHO

After getting away from the gou zai, i entered the party.

BRAD PITTTTTT. Hunney dont get jealous okay!!! I know your heart is BIGGGGGGG and deep as a well. haha

who is this guy in the changing room?!?!?!?! check out!


pom pom skirties. Avril Lavign mtv. HOHO

molesting Aaron Kwok

Bei yong jun! i dont know his actual spelling. HAh.

i didnt know i have the "fake" chance to be in the royal family. hurrr

My speech in becoming the president. *look at the screen behind* its real life okay!

Im in the painting!

our hero!

Albert Enstein- oei, let me teach you not you teack me ok

walau i think im the ugliest marilyn monroe

The best female actress and the male actor

this is so old school with leon lai and so romantic uhhh

hoho end of my long flight. anw, this is a huge house located on the mountain top where all the rich lives.

this jie jie finally get to taste Arnold chicken!!!!!

we headed to cheesecake cafe @ siglap after my consistent grumbles and cravings bout cheesecake!

oreo cheesecake, rum n raisin cheesecake

vanilla choc chip! my fav!

Jol enjoy her lychee drink

Anyways, I have to thank the girls for listening to my grumbles~~ im so glad that i have this bunch of girls to stand by me.. supporting me always. For the past one week, life was so horrible. I made hunney exploded and he bombed me back. Probably you wont know what am i talking haha. Up till yesterday then i finally witnessed how many projects on hand he had and its like so much to do yet so little time to complete. I tried to help him out abit and suddenly i just had this feeling of being stressed. I seriously agree that working is not as stress as studying. It made me reconsider bout going back to taking a degree. However, no matter what, i still need to get a degree. A degree without project. Because i hate projects .. all the long windy essays, applications, analysis, hypothetical stuff. URGH. no way. I cant wait for hunney to complete his projects, exams and then we can go somewhere for a short getaway.

Hunney, i know you're so stressed up right now and ure sick. I dont know what i can do to help you but to support you mentally. And, you'll reap what you sow yea? JIA YOU OKIEEE HUNNEY?!?!

the girls are studying for exams too better buck up and no procastination yeaa we're the same kind and i know that feeling. LOL.

And the damn yali is on annual leave.. and her allowance is still so damn lot. damn! when will i ever get such good life??? my roster is so hard to change.. even i offer my off days away.. probably because times are bad.. off days are easy to get.

Im leaving for manchester tonight and i cant wait to be back!

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